telling MY hair story …

Hi, I’m Kundayi and like all of you beautiful women out there MY HAIR has a story. Let me tell you mine. I’ll try keep it short for you all,  just so you understand who I am, why I am on a “hair journey” and why I am blogging about HAIR. So here goes….brace yourselves for a bit of a read!! it will be enjoyable I promise… well I hope 😉  

Growing up in Zimbabwe we all had “healthy” hair. Your hair had to be in cornrows 3/4s of the time, hence “protective styling” galore. Now that mixed with sunshine and warm weather and moisture=HAIR bliss. I loved my hair and it was long and thick and “healthy”  … I thought I knew how to take care of my hair but I have NO idea…..

I’m sure u will agree that UNIVERSITY= ALL the hair MISTAKES you could possibly make!! For example: Taking out my weave in the middle of New England winter, a number of times. I’m talking below zero temperatures for months. 😮 BAD move. Bring on the harsh cold winds and central heating that sucked the life out of my hair and HELLO dry brittle split end thinning hair… Pretty much my hair hated me and I hated her too but I couldn’t blame her. I had no concept of how to manage my hair out of corn rows, no clue how to take care of it besides “oiling my scalp with HAIRFOOD” which I had run out of. Lol. My hair was in a state and I needed/got a nice BIG CHOP. Basically my hair was miserable…

Now, for those that don’t know me I have the most sensitive scalp EVER. Relaxer = burn/scabs/pain the works… and I hated chemicals …still do.. so I decided enough was enough. I did two years of “transitioning” went for another big chop and voila!!! I was a NATURAL haired beauty…. I loved the feeling of my soft tight curls by my nape… but on my whole head…now that was another story… :-/ combing through was disastrous ! so PAINFUL!! and for my tender head just pure torture. So after months of HEAT, PULLING, TUGGING, TEARS I realised as much as i would love to be natural, with my scalp, it wasn’t for me and I went back to relaxing (Sept ’10)…Which had serious issues but that’s a story for another day.

 I decided it was TIME to learn how to take care of MY hair. I committed to starting a healthy hair journey and learning as much as I could about MY hair, products and hair maintenance…I have not looked back since. I’ve learned SO MUCH about my hair and how much our hair can grow if we look after it. I moved back to Zim and have since been protective styling, stretching and recently “texlaxing.” Bring on LONG THICK HEALTHY HAIR!!!! 

I am definitely still reading a lot about hair and I am a work in progress with regards to managing my hair and sticking with my “regimen.” My hair and I STILL have our ups and downs but for the most part we are getting along…




4 thoughts on “telling MY hair story …

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    • Hey Tendi, JBCO is amazing for dandruff…also mix in a bit of tea tree oil for your scalp or you can add it to your shampoo. It has an anti fungal component that helps with dandruff. Coconut oil works well too… xoxoxo… look out this week for a blog on dandruff…

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