Getting Started …..

Hi everyone!

Now you or may not have read my very first post (woohoo claps hands) but nonetheless I encourage you ALL to embark on a “Healthy Hair Journey” STARTING TODAY…

You will find that there are ALOT of hair blogs/youtube channels on black hair, and quite honestly it can be very overwhelming. I’m talking ALOT of info you never knew. Heck i feel like I overwhelm some people just by “talking hair” lol. It sounds complicated but really, it’s not that bad… 🙂

What I am going to try to do with MY blog is simplify all of the “stuff” for you and keep it as short as possible…because at the end of the day well all have stuff to do and there’s nothing worse than trying something “new” that takes up time….

So here’s a starting a point. GET TO KNOW YOUR HAIR. It can be a fun little exercise. All you have to do is answer these questions:

1) How does your hair look when it’s not relaxed
2) How long is your hair?
3) How often do you wash your hair?
4) What products do you use on your hair/scalp?
5) How often do you apply product to your hair?
6) Does your hair look dry soon after applying product?
7) How often and for how long is your hair braided/in a weave etc?

See … very simple!!! I hope by the time I post my next blog you will be able to answer those questions.



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