Get to know YOUR hair …

It’s time for answers!!

I’m hoping most of you managed to go through and answer the short questions from my last post. If not that’s fine, you still get to read the answers. lol… The important thing here is that you must get to know your “HAIR STORY”… Each one is different from one head to another. We all have different needs for our hair, and we have to figure out what they are and what what must be done to meet those needs. Trust me it’s a process of trial and error and may take a while….heck I’m still in the process and probably will be for a while but what is important is getting to know your hair.

There are key things that you will find most hair blogs emphasize when it comes to hair care and so the questions I listed address them one by one. I will give you answers citing examples of MY hair in brief, and then I will follow up with detailed posts about each answer with time… ok? Great šŸ™‚

Q1) How does your hair look when it’s not relaxed?

  • A- Hair Type/Pattern: Small tight curls, similar to those coil springs in clutch pens.(4c in the pic below) It’s hard to comb through and you cant really see the curls in my hair unless you look closely, that’s how small they are! From a far it’s a solid thick mass. lol…..It’s a bit soft how it feels
  • hair types
  • 2) How long is your hair?
  • A- Hair length: It comes down to the top of my Bra Stap when straightened

3) How often do you wash your hair?

  • A- Hair regimen: Not often, I usually wash between hair styles that I keep for about two months at a time (yuck I know)

4) What products do you use on your hair/scalp?

  • A- Staple Products: I SWEAR by Jamaican black castor oil, peppermint oil, coco nut oil, Jamaica Mango & lime no itch gro spray, wave nouveau, and s-curl no drip

5) How often do you apply product to your hair?

  • A- Hair regimen 2: I use JBCO, PPO and JML gro spray about 3-4 times a week

6) Does your hair look dry soon after applying product?

  • A- Hair Porosity: OMG YES YES YES…within a day or two..uggghhhh I struggle with this so much but I’m in the process of learning how to manage it.

7) How often and for how long is your hair braided/in a weave etc?

  • A- Protective Styling: 80% of the time. People barely see my hair. It’s usually in a weave, braids and recently a WIG (gasp! I know) I keep hair styles for a bout 2months. Let my hair breath for two weeks max then braid up again. Hair down for about 3-4weeks only after relaxers

Fun….yes? I hope so…because talking hair should be fun šŸ™‚Ā  Now make sure you memorize the words in bold as these are haircare terms that are used all over and these are the things I find are most important for me to understand in my hair journey.

P.SĀ  the blogs will get more interesting with pics and videos but i just want to lay the right foundations for those that will follow my hair regimen or better yet start their own šŸ™‚




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