No matter what type of hair you have (texture) or how you are growing it (natural/relaxed) your hair, if you are black, needs HEAT MOISTURE PROTECTION AND FOOD.

The combination is key, one does not work as well without the other so make sure to strike a balance. When asked how I grow my hair I simply reply that I treat my scalp as a BREEDING GROUND for my hair. Sounds gross I know but it MUST be done, especially with our type of hair that people believe tends to grow ‘a bit slower’ that other types. (myth) I combine the four things above and it works wonders.

HEAT – In winter you wear a jersey right? So what makes you think your hair doesn’t want to keep warm too? Lol Cold temperatures are very harsh on our hair. Hair becomes dry and brittle with reduced elasticity when left unprotected in cold temperatures. This results in lots of breakage, and if you are transitioning or stretching relaxers the breakage will be twice as bad.  Now, what better way to warm your hair than to tuck it under a nice weave or wig, that retain heat around your scalp. Weaves have worked wonders for me in the past and so I highly recommend them as a way of both protecting your hair and retaining warmth. I have recently starting a wig regimen and the heat retention is amazing! Highly recommend it.

PROTECTION- This goes hand in hand with heat as a lot of protective styles result in heat retention. For example wigs and weaves. Black hair is very anti-social. It does not like to be bothered. Don’t touch it, brush it, flat iron it, pull it all day long.….JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. Lol…the best way to do this is by using protective styles. These are your corn rows, weaves, wigs, buns, braids etc. All however, done the right way i.e not too tight, with hair that aggravates your scalp or weighs your hair down. These styles don’t just protect your hair from ‘you’ they protect it from the elements- wind, sun, dry heat that all will damage your hair.

MOISTURE-  Your hair gets thirsty too!! If your hair is weak dry and brittle it NEEDS moisture. It doesn’t have to be from fancy products, the best source of moisture for your hair is WATER…yes water… don’t be fooled by those that tell you that black hair must not be wet. This is all a myth. Our hair needs moisture for hydration and elasticity.

Quick explanation of elasticity- our hair should stretch without breaking when we tug of it from both ends. If your hair breaks when stretched/ combed elasticity is low and your hair needs moisture.

To obtain a good moisture balance in your hair you MUST use a water based moisturizer or leave in conditioner on your hair every day if you can. It sounds a bit extreme but you will see the difference in your hair nice you start. You should moisturize your hair even when it is in protective styles.

FOOD- Like our bodies hair needs to be fed with the right things in order to grow long and healthy. I highly recommend natural oils. I every black woman trying to grow her hair MUST buy some Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I swear by it. Natural oils not only provide your hair and scalp with essential minerals but they are also easily absorbed into the scalp and do not clog your follicles/pores. Unclogged pores=hair growth. Feed your hair but keep it clean. Petroleum based products are a big NO NO. They literally sit on your scalp attract dirt and clog your pores which is the worst thing for your hair. Now what I’m about to say will go against everything that your hairdresser (if you are in Zim) has been telling you since you were little. THROW OUT ALL THAT “HAIR FOOD”. I’m talking Blue Magic, New York 2000, Vaseline etc These products are not your friend. Get rid of them.

Let’s get growing ladies.





  1. I get mine from the states and i bring it back to sell together with “gem hair and beauty boutique” like her on FB.We will be bringing over a shipment in September so lmk if you know someone here that needs it. They can email me. The guy who sells it in Zim is super pricey :-/

  2. Great advice….. I love the idea of this combination . I live in the Caribbean where it’s super hot all year so I don’t really need the warmth but I need more moisture than ever . Thanks for the great advice. BeBeautyful 😀

      • Yes I found that even in the summer America isn’t as hot as the Caribbean so my hair managed to retain moisture a lot better. My hair has high porosity naturally for as long as I could remember even before chemicals so retaining moisture is a key factor in my hair journey

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