Black hair is no joke :-[ FRUSTRATION AND FATIGUE

OK so this is a quick venting session….. be warned ladies, this HHJ stuff is NOT easy… especially on wash days like today …. just finished washing my hair the way i’m supposed to according to the bushbaby wig regimen and it took about 2hours… I AM BEAT….and now I’m sitting here trying to psych myself up to start putting in the braids for under my wig … that means another 2+ hours because of all the growth.

Current time – 8.55pm

Motivation – Low

Frustration- High

Will power- Super High

So basically I’m exhausted and venting and my scalp and arms hurt but I WILL DO IT. Healthy long hair doesn’t come easy but IT CAN BE DONE (Fist pump*) you just have to be committed, positive, patient and disciplined with your hair 🙂

On a positive note- My hair actually got really clean even though i washed it in braids. it also looks and feels soft and healthy at the roots 🙂

I’ll post pics of my wash day in my next post as well as another detailed one for the bushbaby regimen


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