How To: Moisturise & Seal and Detangle

There are things you NEED to do during your HHJ so here’s a quick explanation of 2 things I have found to be most important and why. Plus steps on how to do them.

Moisturise and Seal (MS)

Retain as much moisture in your hair as you can at all times by using a water based moisturizer on a daily basis. Why water based you ask? Because it’s the best source of moisture for our hair, contrary to popular belief. No- using a moisturizer everyday will not make your hair frizzy, as the aim is not to load it on. You will use just enough to keep your hair consistently moist.  Moisture prevents breakage and will improve elasticity of your hair. After moisturizing you will seal your hair with a light carrier oil to lock in the moisture.


  • Part hair into manageable sections
  • M- Put a small amount of moisturizer onto your hands then apply it to the shaft of your hair – not your scalp- put a little bit extra on your new growth and ends as they are the driest part of your hair. Ensure product is even distributed on the hair in that section.
  • S- After moisturizing take a small amount of oil and apply it over the moisturized hair to seal in the moisturizer. This will retain the moisture longer

Tip: MS and wrap your hair before you go to bed. This will give the product time to absorb into your hair overnight. Hair feels great in the morning

De-tangling (slip and comb)

When done poorly this is can be the leading cause of breakage. Treat your hair with TLC and use the right brushes and combs on it at all times. Our hair does not like to be brushed/combed. More so when it is ridden with knots from a recent style or the mixed textures coming together. Take your time with this process and never do it on dry hair!!


  • Part hair into small manageable sections and de-tangle them one by one
  • Spray new growth and hair shaft with a de-tangling mix, and work the product through your hair with your finger
  • Hold hair a few cm’s from the end a gently comb out the ends
  • Hold hair securely in the middle then go to the very root of your hair and slip comb through as far as it will go on its own. Hold combed roots tightly and gently comb out the knots above your fingers. Repeat the slip comb process until you have reached the end of your hair. At this point you should be able to slip comb all the way through hair.

Tip: Re-spray hair with de-tangling mix if it feels a bit dry and resistant

My de-tangling mix – water, leave-in conditioner, and vitamin E oil

20 weeks post. Box braids out pre wash detangled hair. wig regimen

20 weeks post. Box braids out pre wash detangled hair. wig regimen

What you will need:

Water based moisturizer- e.g Wave Nouveau/S-curl no drip or leave in conditioner

Carrier oils- extra virgin olive or coconut oil, castor oil or Vitamin E oil

Large de-tangling comb- the one with two sets of teeth that cross over each other or just a wide tooth comb

Hair clips and pins


Strong biceps and neck


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