Wash day 1


I started the process at 7pm and finished at 1230 a.m ….. the joys :-/

What I did last night:

  1. Detangled hair- I parted my hair in six and detangled then put in a large braid section by section. 6 in total.
  2. Co-washed- added a little bit of shampoo to the co wash and washed hair while IN BRAIDS (reduces tangling)
  3. Detangle, m-s and blow dry-  I took out one braid at a time and gently detangled it, then moisturized and sealed the section of hair. I went heavy on the coconut oil since I skipped the protein treatment. After m/s I blow dried the section on low, smoothing hair with my hands and then pinned it up
  4. Re-braid- I put 22-24 large braids into my hair. This is what I wear under the wig for the next three weeks.


So until the next wash day….HAPPY GROWING



ps: if you are wondering why I am wearing gloves its because I did not want to chip my nail polish 😉


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