Tips for beginners

This is what you will need to do to start your hair journey:

 Go for a trim-

  • Yes I said it …T.R.I.M. get rid of those unhealthy split ends if you have them. You’re doing more harm than good b keeping them. “HEALTH OVER LENGTH.” Ps avoid hairdressers who will give you a big chop and go to a professional.

Start a journal-

  • You will need to keep track of all the things you do to your hair from today. So hair length, relaxer dates, trims, your regimen. You can look at my post on Hair stats to get a better idea.

Say cheese-

  • Lots of pictures are involved in a hair journey. This is how you will track your progress visually. It’s very important and will definitely motivate you when you see the changes coming along. Comparing before and after pics is always fun!

Pick your products-

  • Identify specific products you’ll be using. Pick wisely, whatever products you chose must help you achieve a certain goal. Ingredients are everything…stay away from petroleum based products and mineral oils that don’t penetrate your hair. Your products MUST include daily moisturizer, carrier oil, shampoo, deep conditioner,

Figure out a regimen-

  • Keep it simple and stick to it, one day at a time. You must know exactly what you’re doing to your hair and when.  Key things to include: daily MS, wash days, deep condition with heat, and protective styling.

Chat with your hairdresser-

  • If your hairdresser sucks, get a new one. You need to be assertive and let you HD know how you want your hair to be washed, blow dried, braided, relaxed etc it’s all a huge part of your hair journey. HAIR HEALTH OVER HAIR STYLE.  You’ll need someone who is open to all this hair talk and is willing to learn and come along for the ride.

Protect your hair at night-

  • Wrap or bun your hair before bed and then cover it up with a satin/silk scarf. (everyday) Do not sleep with your hair exposed. Cotton absorbs moisture so if your hair is on a cotton pillow all night you can expect dry/brittle hair.

Get excited-

  • You need to develop a passion for your hair or this process will not be fun or yield the results it can. Get excited about your hair, be realistic with your goals and be patient. Health first length will follow.




3 thoughts on “Tips for beginners

    • Hi Tanatsa, I get a lot of growth both ways. The thing with braid is they need a lot more manipulation than weaves so this can stress your hair a bit, especially the hair line so I’m not braiding as much as I used to. Weaves work well for me too because I feel my hair is a lot more protected and insulted. I can retain more heat and moisture over night. look back and see what has worked better for your hair in the past to help with your decision. I would also recommend following a wigging regimen it’s working wonders for me and i’m only 3weeks in!

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