The dreaded T.R.I.M

Thanks to a comment by my beautiful “mother” aka cousin I see that I need to go a little deeper into this trimming issue. We as Zimbabweans have been brainwashed into a no trim culture and we NEED to be emancipated,NOW.

As I said in my last post, a trim is the first step of starting your hair journey and there’s a reason for it.

Don’t get me wrong I too was once misinformed about trimming and when my hairdresser offered to give my hair I trim I would freak out!!! Lol. Now looking back I wish I had taken her up on the offer. Sigh

Understanding spilt ends-
Our ends are the part of our hair that is most prone to damage and breakage. Ends are always exposed to the elements, they rub against the fabric of our clothes, they get knotted and brutally combed, burnt in excess by flat irons etc etc. and become thin and brittle. You can spot them when you see them:

-Dull in colour
-Very thin and weak looking
-Hair strand is split in half
-Jagged look/uneven
-Never get straight even when processed

Once your ends are split/damaged there is NO GOING BACK!!! Nothing you do will make them healthy again. The only thing that can happen is they Grow. yes you can grow split ends. Lol. Why I say this is because split ends travel up the shaft of you hair and just get longer so if not cut off soon you will have nice long dead hair …

When you have split ends there are equal but opposite forces in motion. And te spikt ends always win. Split end grow BACKWARDS you get no length retention. Yes hair comes out your scalp but it will be breaking off at the same time and your hair just get shorter and more unhealthy,which unfortunately is what many of my fellow Zim women are walking around with in “these streets”

So the moral of the story is:

If your hair has the characteristics I mentioned
If you are serious about being on a healthy hair journey
If you want your hair to grow




3 thoughts on “The dreaded T.R.I.M

    • one trim to start your hair journey, then as and when your hair needs it. Usually you can “dust” your ends which is like baby maintenance trims so you don’t give the split ends an opportunity to grow. so for example, I will dust my end every 2-3months. that way i don’t have to do a big trim more than 1-2 times a year!

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