Breakage and Shedding, what’s the big deal?

So while I am still fresh off the topic of healthy ends I’m going to touch on something that we experience everyday with our hair. it’s a very important topic to understand if you are to truly care for your hair the right way.

Hair Shedding and Hair Breakage

What is Shedding?

Shedding is when hair reaches the end of its growth cycle and the full strand of hair will fall out with that little white bulb looking thing at the end (follicle). It’s completely normal and happens on a daily basis so do not be alarmed. With time you will find that you shed a certain amount daily and when it becomes excessive you will know. (I’ll post something on hair cycles soon)

I’ve found the only time this is really bad/alarming for me is when i experience shedding because of hairstyles that put too much tension on my hair and pull it out. For example when you get braids put in too tight and you see a little collection of follicles sticking out from the root of your braids along your hairline. At that stage you know it’s LATE for your hairline!!!. Back to square one! And…. according to the hair cycle it takes about 130 days for hair to be replaced when the same place it was removed 😮

Ps- They say you shed 50-100 strands per day. I think that’s beans personally, it sounds so excessive but hey it makes me feel better about what I see from my own scalp. Lol. After having protective hairstyles in for some time you will notice a lot of shed hair coming out when de-tangling, and remember that is to be expected. You can take a look at the pic I attached on my post “Key How To’s: Part 1” …it shows my shed hair in my hand after three weeks of being in braids.

Now what’s breakage??

Breakage is different, it’s not at all a natural process. Rather it occurs from poor management of hair which results in thinning ends, reduced elasticity of hair and eventual breaking off of the hair along the strand leaving behind the rest of it a number of centimeters SHORTER than before.. There’s no long strands and follicles and its usually small jagged pieces of hair. We’ve all seen a collection of these pieces of hair on the back of people’s shirts after they have combed their hair with a tail comb right!!! 😱😱😱 THAT IS BREAKAGE, and after such treatment, it’s not surprising at all.

**Ladies do yourselves and your hair a favor … Stop combing your hair with tail combs. Yes your relaxer is fresh, your growth is gone, you have that silly hair go back, hair blowing in the wind type of feeling But it’s no good for your hair. You are just asking for breakage!!! ***

There’s no going back when it comes to breakage…. You’ll just need to get a trim and work on reducing breakage going forward by doing all things RIGHT to your hair. These things and tips are noted in my previous blogs and there’s more to come 🙂



Point to note on the pic attached:

  • This is excessive shedding…or is it breakage?? Do you see a follicle? Please comment and give feedback on what you think… breakage or shedding ?? Lets talk about it 🙂
  • Do not use this type of brush on your hair for de-tangling. Boars bristle brushes are good for styling and when used minimally. They tend to be quite harsh of the hair when used often especially if hair is weak.
  • Black-Hair-Shedding-Long-Strands-

2 thoughts on “Breakage and Shedding, what’s the big deal?

    • Taph I try to finger comb to start, then use a wide tooth comb and a paddle brush or boars bristle brush to neaten up my hair. I try keep brushing to a minimum…

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