Hair Regimens

Let’s chat a little about hair regimens. From your reading thus far I’m sure you have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to managing your hair. There is still so much info out there but we will take it one step at a time to keep it simple. The theory side of hair is great yes, but we can’t slack off on the practical side which I promise you is the most difficult part.

I am someone who applies discipline as and when I please and to be honest when it comes to my hair I tend to be very lazy … surprise I know… I talk the talk well but when it comes to walking the walk…let’s just say it’s a bit of a struggle. That is why having the most SIMPLE hair care regimen is so important, especially if you never gave your hair any loving before. You just need to “K.I.S.S”  keep it simple stupid…( well none of you are stupid but you know what I mean… :-I lol)

So what is a hair regimen and why all the hype ……???

~A hair regimen is a routine you follow for your hair care / what you do to your hair consistently to obtain specific results from it ~

It can be as simple as washing your hair every Friday to maintain a clean scalp. That’s great… but obviously we aim to DO BETTER and get MORE from our hair since we are all hard core hair fanatics ..YES!!?? lol… Hair regimens are formulated through trial and error based on what works for YOUR  hair so you need to figure it out. You will find however that there are core things that feature in most. Eg washing, deep conditioning, m&s, protective styling etc.

Some people have regimens that incorporate washing your hair 2x week. That doesn’t work for ME…why?

1.     Because my scalp is SUPER sensitive/tender  so the less contact the better

2.     My hair is a bit anti social, she likes to be “oiled” and left alone to do her thing (growing) for at least 3weeks

3.     I’m always in protective styles and too much washing makes MY hair get knots

That example is exclusive to MY hair it will be different for everyone so figure out what works for your hair, what it likes and doesnt like etc. Let me try help you take the first step in figuring out your regimen …. 

We all have that one time we went to the hairdresser and she was like “maiwe bvudzi rako rakura!” translation… wow your hair has grown, right? GREAT and I’m sure at that stage you didn’t have, or know what a regimen was…but there was something you did…and you did it right…so try remember what it was and work from there.

Did you moisturise your hair every other day? Wash it after about two weeks? Did you not use heat? Was your hair braided? Were you “oiling” your scalp every day?  All of those things make up a healthy hair regimen. so if you did any of the above be sure to keep doing it by making it part of your regimen.

My Core Regimen(when my hair is down or in protective styles (ps)

  • Oil scalp 3x week
  • Moisturize and seal hair 4-5x week
  • Wash and deep condition every 3-4 wks
  • Blow dry/straighten 1 or 2x month after treatment
  • PS for 2months at a time

That’s the core of most of my regimens. I have a couple but the above is in all of them. There are adjustments depending on my hairstyle and what hair challenge I am doing at the time.

Now it’s your turn, figure out a very simple regimen or copy one you’ve seen and GET STARTED…. Be sure to monitor and note down your progress, any challenges you come across, any adjustments you make etc.

Remember ladies, regimens are very important in your hair care journey. It’s all about deliberately doing certain things to your hair on a regular basis in order to achieve specific results. This is how we grow and keep the hair we’ve always wanted.  

Things to do:

  1. Do a length check the day you start regimen. Note the date
  2. Get a diary/keep notes in your phone specifically for your hair
  3. Write down your basic regimen and note start date
  4. Pick your products
  5. Be patient- hair growth takes time but you WILL see results



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