Feedback Friday: What have YOU been doing to your hair?

Hi everyone,

As the title highlights, today is the first “Feedback Friday” on the blog. The aim is to make this blog as interactive as possible. So as much as you like to hear from me, I would LOVE to hear from you too. As would the other followers. It’s more fun that way so PLEASE PLEASE share.

*Don’t be shy we are all part of the tHs network and trying to the same same thing. Grow beautiful healthy hair so lets talk about it 😀

Here’s how we will do it:

Step 1: Hit ‘follow’ on the blog to get email updates for all my posts if you haven’t already

Step 2: Share what you have done to your this week or today

Step 3: Post any questions or topics you’d like me to address

Here’s my feedback:

Today: Sprayed my hair with JML no itch gro spray, put some coconut oil along hairline, did a quick scalp massage and slapped on the wig 😉 in line with my wig regimen

Now it’s your turn! Happy Friday ladies



3 thoughts on “Feedback Friday: What have YOU been doing to your hair?

  1. Hey ,these days im moisturizing my hair w some DL moisturizer and then put a plastic, a puln socks and slip everynyt,its not cumfy though and my hubby usually laughs bcoz of e plastic sounds. Then in e morning i just brush my hair and tts it, still working on other stuff

    • @Nyasha you’re using the green house effect (GHE) it’s part of my daily regimen too. AMAZING heat and moisture retention I’ll post on it soon… I’ve been doing it for about 3months now and I love it. I use a shower cap though, less noise, less bulky. lol

      @bb4 how soon before your wash do you prepoo? and are you cowashing or shampooing?

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