What you didn’t know about your Cotton Pillow Case

satin pillow

A lot happens to our hair on these pillow cases of ours at night. If we are getting as much sleep as we should, our hair will spend up to 8hours every day pressed up against our pillow cases, and if it is not protected this can be a serious cause of damage to our hair. The biggest problem is that most of us don’t realize it!!

 I’m sure we have all gone to bed at least once with well moisturized hair only to wake up the next morning with our hair feeling rather dry we are left with a big question mark as to why…. Well just take a look at what you are sleeping on. Yes your lovely pillow.  If I’m not mistaken it’s probably got a cotton pillow case too, yes?  Well there you have it. Cotton is a highly absorptive material. Not only does it easily absorb water and other liquids. It sucks up the moisture and oils from our hair when it comes in direct contact with it.  Contrary to how it feels cotton is not the smoothest of materials, it is made up of fibres that are a more rough than other fabrics like silk or satin. Hence every time we toss and turn at night, our hair gets tangled and rubs against the fabric causing friction which makes for a perfect breakage of our oh so delicate ends. You may have experienced seeing pieces of hair left on your pillow case when you wake up in the morning- you can tthank your cotton pillow for that. This breakage and when left uncorrected it will only get worse. We MUST protect out hair at all times and especially at night. 

 “Moisture sucking cotton + plus 8hours contact/friction with hair = BREAKAGE”

 So what can be done?

1)      Wrap your hair at night with a silk/satin scarf

2)      Change your pillow case to a silk/satin one

*Silk and satin fibres are much softer than cotton, the do not absorb moisture easily and therefor they are less harsh on the hair and cause minimal breakage. hair will glide over it as opposed to getting caught on it. 


ps that’s a satin pillow case in the photo


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