Wash Day Feedback

Hi everyone, my apologies for the lack of posts last week. It was a hectic one! But I’m back and with lots to talk about. I’ve been getting good feedback and some requests on what you want to see on the blog and I’m excited to posts stuff for you all so keep a look out. Anyway let’s get in to this wash day of mine shall we ….

So as you may or may not know this is the second cycle of my wigging regimen and it has been pretty hard for me. Just general frustration with the wig wearing and how it was making my face itch along the hair line! It felt like my scalp was literally rejecting it! Lol. I also think my frustration is because I am not used to wigs. It’s my first time wigging so I just need to get accustomed to it.  I also tend to get very impatient the closer I get to my relaxer day, I just want results! So long story short, I decided to do my wash day a few days early this time for reason stated above and the big day Saturday 24 August 2014. Just two days early but still. I wanted change!!

 When people embark on a hair journey some decide to self relax and do everything on their own. I’m NOT that girl. I just don’t have the guff. I will do wash days on my own here and there but not consistently. I need a extra set of hands on my head that aren’t my own at times and my hairdresser gets it done! Her name is Gloria and she’s great! (for details email me). I go to her for relaxers and treatments, washing and blow dry etc

 What I did on Saturday:

1. I took out my braids and de-tangled as gently as I could

detangle wash day 2 *Note the top right pic shows the new growth that I have. See how much of a difference in texture there is between the new growth and texlaxed hair? now Imagibe how it would look against bone straight hair!! gasp. you can vaguely see the line of demarcation too. Bottom left is my regular shedding. There was a little less shedding compared to the last washday. 2. Put my hair in six big braids and co washed my hair with my Pantene co-wash. Love the stuff! It really get my hair clean without stripping out all the moisture         

**And then …. I tried something new that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I did my first GREEN TEA RINSE

wash day products3. After  co-washing I left my hair in the braids and sprayed my green tea mix  directly onto my new growth, scalp and along the braid using my pink spray bottle (shown in pic)

4. I added my protein treatment and moisturising treatment to each braid and worked the product through at my roots. (I know I should do the two treatments separately but i was working against the clock) I gave myself a little scalp massage, slapped on my shower cap and got under my heat cap for 35mins. If you don’t have a heat cap or dryer,  wrap a warm towel on top of your head.

*All deep conditioners and protein treatments are best when done with heat for a minimum of 30mins. The heat speeds up chemical reactions and opens up the cuticle in our hair which allows the treatment to penetrate the hair faster.

5. After sitting for my treatment I let my hair cool off a bit and then thoroughly rinsed out the treatment with warm water.

6. I undid my braids and combed through quickly with my wide tooth comb. Surprisingly I saw less hair in my comb than expected. The green tea works! I think? Lol

7. I dashed over to the hair salon with my hair in a loose bun

8. Got Gloria Gloria to moisturize and seal my hair and apply heat protector then she blow dried my hair for me. It was very tangled as a result of poor detangling on my part but I don’t think there was much shedding!

 *Yes it was a heat using day. First time in like two months so it’s allowed😁 I try to minimize my heat usage as much as possible especially when stretching relaxers, my poor hair is fragile enough already…

…. Here it is!!! clean blow dried hair!!

wash day 2 resultsFrom my blow dry I can see that I definitely need a TRIM. Eeeek it’s been a while. Last trimmed a few months ago when I did my first texlax and now I will wait three more weeks until my relaxer to do it. I won’t lie though I’m getting super paranoid about my ends! When you texlax the difference between the bone straight and texlaxed hair becomes so evident. the ends feel thin and yucky so you have to gradually cut them off which is what I am doing. Length retention is such a challenge during stretches as well so I don’t want breakage because of split and unhealthy ends. Right now it’s all about HEALTH OVER LENGTH so I am willing to sacrifice my length goal of MBL by next year for healthy hair any day. I benefit in the long run.

*One last thing to note, I only blow dried I did not flat iron my hair 🙂




4 thoughts on “Wash Day Feedback

  1. Oooo i LOVE green tea rinses. I started about a month and a half ago and my shedding has reduced considerably. Thanks for sharing!

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