Tea Rinses

After reading my washday feedback or just the title of this post I’m sure there are a lot of you wondering what exactly is TEA RINSING?!? Yes it refers to the tea we drink, who would have thought! I found it odd at first but when it comes to my hair I’m like ok, if others are doing it and getting results then I’ll give it a shot. So let’s talk about it.

 What is tea rinsing?

Rinsing your hair with black, green or other herbal tea mixes. You can apply the tea by either pouring it onto your hair and scalp from a bowl/pitcher, or using a spray bottle to apply it directly to the roots and shaft of your hair (I use this method)Tea rinses are done on freshly washed or co-washed hair.

 Why do tea rinses?

To reduce the impact of shedding and increase thickness

Black and green teas contain caffeine which suppresses the release of Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.  DHT,is a chemical derivative of the testosterone hormone and is present in both men and women. It restricts the follicles ability to sustain and produce hair growth. Therefore healthy hair cannot survive and shed hairs are not replaced in the long run. Teas also contain essential vitamins that stimulate hair growth and reduce dandruff

 How I made my Tea rinse

I boiled four Freshpak green tea bags in two cups of water for about thirty minutes and then let it steep and cool completely while I was de-tangling and co washing my hair.

*You can use more or less tea bags depending on how strong you want you mix to be. The choice in tea bags is yours.

How I did my tea rinse

  • After co-washing I left my hair in the 6 big braids
  • Poured cooled tea mix into small spray bottle


  • Sprayed tea mix directly onto my new growth and along the length of the braids
  • Massaged tea into my hair and scalp
  • Added a mixture of protein treatment and moisturizing masque to my hair
  • Put on shower cap and sat under my heating cap for 35mins

*Tea rinses, in particular black tea tend to leave hair feeling hard and matted together. This is a big challenge especially for transitioning hair and those stretching relaxers. To curb the effect you can carry out a deep conditioning treatment at the same time as your tea rinse to add moisture back to the hair and maintain softness.

 Benefits of Green and Black tea

Green Tea Benefits

Black Tea Benefits

Helps stimulate hair growth

Helps with dandruff and psoriasis

Vitamin C which guards against UV radiation

Vitamin E which restores dry hair

Contains panthenol which strengthens hair and prevents split ends

Blocks production of DHT Hormone

Helps thicken and strengthen hair

Darkens hair and adds shine

 Other teas you can use and why:

Sage tea – Reduces oil build up on your scalp
Nettle tea – Prevents dandruff and increases circulation to the scalp which could also benefit hair growth

Chamomile tea – Accentuates your hair’s natural highlights
Rosemary tea – As with rosemary oil it promotes hair growth and soothes the scalp

As I said this was my first time and so I am yet to see the results, I am waiting for my next de-tangling session to compare the amount of shedding. The benefit of snapping a lot of pics during a hair journey is that you get to compare before and after pics. It’s very rewarding 🙂

Here’s a picture of my shedding this weekend. Now to wait and see if it reduces over time

Shedding: 24/08/13


I hope you all try this out and add it to your regimens, I definitely am.





5 thoughts on “Tea Rinses

  1. Hey Kundi, I was wondering if you use the organics mayonnaise as a co-wash? I have the same one and tryna figure out if I can use it as a co-wash

    • Hi Paula are you referring to the ORS Hair Mayonnaise? (The pic in my wash day post.) If so then NO, that is a protein treatment. For co-washing you use moisturizing conditioner to wash your hair, or just any regular conditioner.

      If my hair is feeling super dry I will pre-poo (add oils to my hair and leave them in with heat for 30mins-1hour) then proceed to co-wash. Or I simply add a little bit of the oil (jbco) to my conditioner

      However, if I feel my hair is a bit dirty from product build up but I still want to co-wash then I add a bit of shampoo to the conditioner

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