Feedback Friday: Or shall I say Frustrated Friday!

I hope everyone has had a great Hair week! Mine’s been “ok” like I have told you before I get lazy with my hair sometimes, mostly when I am frustrated so be sure NOT  to follow in my footsteps. I’m frustrated right now because my hair is down and full of growth and my set relaxer date is 3weeks away!!!  I should have already braided it up and started my third cycle of my wigging regimen but I just don’t want to! My scalp needs a break from the wig. Or maybe I just need a new one?…different style etc. lol. Because when it comes to the short one, I’m definitely OVER IT. Lol

 I’m also not a fan of managing my new growth because my scalp is so tender. A few days after a good stretch from blow drying the growth kicks back in and hell breaks loose on my scalp… Blaaah. Ok that’s a bit dramatic but you know what I mean and how I’m feeling right??? So now I’m thinking of cutting my stretch short. I have a number of functions coming up in the following weeks so I’ve decided to do my texlax next weekend! I’m super excited to soften up this growth and do a trim and length check so i can see if the wigging really worked. i feel like it definitely did! In the mean time I’ll MS and oil my scalp but with as little brushing and manipulation as possible, so bring on the scarves and head wraps this weekend to hide my mess!!

 Anyway I’m rabbling now ….On to what I did this week, last night and today.

This Week:

I moisturized and sealed three and half times (hides face in shame) I’m terrible I know! Especially with this change in weather my hair needs all the MOISTURE it can get. In my defense my hair has so much growth and trying to comb through it just increases the chances of breakage and makes my scalp hurt. Not good enough I know… but I’d rather tell you all the truth about my hair journey and bad habits so I don’t create a façade of this easy process and immediate length.  I will say however I’m MUCH better than before 😀

 Last night:

I mentioned doing my MS 3 ½ times. Well the half was last night. I didn’t want to mess with my hair too much so I did my MS on my pony tail and the top of my hair just so it wouldn’t look dry this morning. Then I did the GHE using my trusty shower cap and went to bed.

*Personally I’m not a fan of GHE when I’m wearing my hair down because I never have time in the morning for it to air dry before styling and I don’t like brushing my hair when it’s damp. With my thinner relaxed ends they get all stuck together and it’s a tangled mess.  Plus I don’t like the damp shiny look. Uughhhh.

 This morning:

I gently brushed the top of my hair with the soft side of my boars bristle bush then put in my ‘go to hair style’ for when my hair is full of growth and my scalp hurts a bit- the flat twist pony tail. I do it just on one side of my head so my hair doesn’t look too boring. I still need to master the technique of flat twisting but I’ll do this after relaxing, because with all this growth it’s almost impossible. It’s nothing fancy but it will do! The pic is below. i was wearing my hair in a loose bun, I took a pic of the pony tail just to show length and how my relaxed ends look thin compared to texlaxed hair. Oh and that’s not a very flattering pic of my hairline :-0 it looks worse that it actually is but either way I’ll be working on it soon. look out for a post on hair challenges soon and get ready to take part !!


 Do any of you have suggestions on hair styles for days like today when my hair feels yucky? If so please send me photos for us all to see and try out 😀

 ***Now what did YOU all do to your hair this week?!!!???? Let us all know. Your feedback is always appreciated!***

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6 thoughts on “Feedback Friday: Or shall I say Frustrated Friday!

  1. Kundi, I must say that your blog is pretty awesome. I was skeptical about the idea of healthy AND relaxed hair but I see what you’re doing and I think it’s admirable. Natural hair Nazis really aren’t helping much by judging black women who wanna do whatever they wanna do with their hair. So, GO YOU. DO your thang and grow your healthy hair however you want. I’m going to try some of your tips for dry hair. My locs (as natural and healthy as I thought they were) are DRY AND BREAKING. Wish me luck.

  2. Jessica thanks so much for the feedback! it gets me super motivated to know I’m making an impact! I’m glad you’ve become a believer of healthy AND relaxed hair 🙂 what matters the most is that you love your hair and it’s healthy… I definitely need to put up some posts on locs as well, don’t let me go too long without doing so, and I would LOVE to feature you on the blog too. this blog is for everyone! xoxoxo

  3. Hey Kundi

    Love that you are pretty patient with your hair. Since I cut my hair 3 months ago I’ve never been happier and so at peace with my hair 🙂

    My weekly regimen includes washing and putting in rollers to dry my hair. To keep my curls in for at least a week I use mousse and moisturize using hair food and on some days olive oil.

    Ps with hair like yours, most people won’t notice your growth 🙂


    • Hi Tendai,thanksso much! I try to be as patient as I can. My trick is keeping it tucked away in protective styles as much as possible.Helps me ALOT.

      I love that you are keeping your scalp nice and clean by washing weekly. Especially since you use “hair food” on it. The petroleum in hair food tends to block the pores and attract dirt. A water based moisturizer would be great for your hair on a daily basis and especially with this heat, the more moisture retention you can get the better.
      Also yay you for using no heat styles! That’s a great way to improve your length retention as you are not damaging your hair with the use of direct heat on a regular basis. 🙂 I LIKE …

      PS- have you tried co-washing? I’d highly recommend you try it…lmk if you need more details on it.

  4. Hi Stephen when it comes to that method I do not, and probably will not ever try it. I have heard the myth about it before, however, as far as it being true or not I really can’t say. With my blog I’m featuring my hair journey and discussing methods that I’ve used and on my own hair and have found to work/not work.

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