Hair Update: Texlax Day (2) Results

Hair Update: Texlax Day (2) Results

I finally texlaxed my hair onFriday!! It was earlier than I had said but I couldn’t wait. I stretched for about 5 1/2 months and these are the results!

I trimmed about 1.5inches to rid my hair of any developing split ends and also just as part of my transition to full texlaxed hair. It’s one of those health over length moments but this one hurts!! Ugghhhhh. I know I won’t reach my MBL length goal as soon as I wanted, and I’m not very happy about that. However I WILL GET THERE and my hair will be strong and healthy when I do 🙂

Things to note:
-My hair is texlaxed, it just looks super straight because of the processing and blow drying
-I used vaseline on my new growth to slow down the processing time of the relaxer- last time I used olive oil and I think i will again going forward. My hair was taking to the relaxer a lot faster than the last time. Kept it on for 15mins before washing out.
-You can see my texlaxed texture when my hair is wet


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