Feedback Friday!!!

Hi ladies,

I hope we have all had a great HAIR week. This week I have done well so I’m excited to see if I can keep it up! For those of you that don’t know I texlaxed last Friday so I have been wearing my hair down and this is usually a bit of a challenge for me regarding discipline in my regimenn. However, I promised myself that I MUST turn over a new leaf and walk the talk… So far so good!

Here’s my feedback:

  • Mon- Tues – I wore my hair down. Just for my own pleasure of seeing my hair.
  • Wed-Friday-  I’ve been rocking a simple pony tail/bun. Low manipulation and it doesn’t bother me while at work.
  • I oiled my scalp with castor oil and moisturized and sealed about 4 times this week
  • Wrapped my hair every night in a doobie wrap to maintain he straightness of my hair (video coming soon)  

What have YOU done to our hair today and this week?? Please share …

Oh and here’s a pic of my hair today: My bun looks so small, shame. Can’t wait to have a bigger one 😀




6 thoughts on “Feedback Friday!!!

    • Hi Tats, I don’t use a texturizer, I ‘texlax’ which is relaxing but purposely under processing my hair when I do. For my relaxer I use Mizani butter blends, you can get it at Goddess by the village, hairbychris and the hair salon at rainbow towers. HTH

  1. Im proud to be able to comment since Im actually proud of myself this week! I cut my hair into a pixie cut a week ago and all week ive moisturized, sealed and wrapped my hair everyday. I no longer have to be ashamed to be the hair guru’s sister 😉

  2. well i took out my box braids and i’m excited about my growth!! i texlaxed it and it’s maintaining its thickness, softness and length. can’t wait to trim and braid it again! thanks for all the reat tips!

    • Hi Sam, thanks for the feedback…what method did you use to slow down the relaxer? did you coat your hair in oil, add oils to the relaxer, or just watch the clock for processing time?

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