Video Tutorial: Doobie Wrap

The doobie wrap is a bit hard to do at first but once you master it, it’s a breeze. Make it your own! This is MY version of how to do it. It doesn’t however, stray too far from how others do it so have fun.

Do this at night after your daily MS and then wear your satin scarf on your head while you sleep. you will wake up in the morning with nice straight hair …. Happy wrapping!


2 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Doobie Wrap

  1. Thanks so much for you tutorial! I live in a small town in Kentucky and there aren’t’ many if any near by with my hair type to discuss and compare methods. I recently went to another county and got a relaxer done. This is a great way to maintain it! I’d heard of the doobie but didn’t’ know how it was done. So thanks again and please continue posting.

    • yay Rhiannon I’m glad it helped. Before I started my hair journey I was in Rhode Island and so clueless about my own hair! so I def know how you feel 🙂 I’m going to be putting up more videos now and definitely more posts! please share my link and keep commenting with all the questions you have. we are on this hair journey together girl!! all the best!

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