Feedback Friday: Hair Challenges

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!

Whether it’s a dry itchy scalp full of dandruff, a breaking/disappearing hair line, excessive breakage etc WE ALL have hair challenges. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about and thankfully there is no problem that can not be solved šŸ™‚ Today I’d like you to share what hair challenges you face with your hair and we can discuss how we will solve them.

Knowledge and Action will be the key to solving your hair challenges, but the first step is identifying it and trying to figure out WHY we have the issues we do. Please feel free to share as much as you want, even pictureS so that we can have a good informative discussion that will yield the best solutions.

MY Hair Challenge:

1) I have a very tender scalp and Weak HAIRLINE. It needs a whole lot of babying and the frustrating part is I don’t get instant results, it takes long and I have to work on it consistently.I have found that as much as I LOVE braids, my hair hairline does not feel the same way :-/

2) My scalp is super dry and if not attended to I get quite a bit of Dandruff !! Yes flakes on the shoulders and all. Embarrassing I know, but hey, we all get it.

Here’s a picture of my hairline, well the one side:



What’s your hair challenge??? Let’s talk about it …. post a comment.


4 thoughts on “Feedback Friday: Hair Challenges

  1. DANDRUFF!! That’s used to be my biggest issue. I’d get mountains of it!I’d go for several weeks without washing my hair cause of a weave etc; But now with my new regimen, frequent washes and daily moisturizing and sealing, I haven’t seen a single flake šŸ™‚

    • Anything with olive oil is pure genius for me. Whether its for my face, in food or my hair, I love olive oil. I moisturise with African pride Olive Miracle anti-breakage cream (smells so good, you could eat it) an I sealed with extra virgin olive oil

      • I feel the same way about JBCO … I use it on my skin and let me tell you!!!! love love love! thanks for sharing!

        I’m really glad our discussion has emphasised

        1) how great natural oils are and
        2) how everyone’s hair needs differ and we need to figure out what works for our OWN hair through trying


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