tHs Hair Consultations


As I am sure you have seen, when it comes to our hair there is SO much more involved than we EVER expected.  The sheer volume of information out there can really be overwhelming and you may end up with more questions than answers. Also you could have hair challenges that need discussion as reading alone may not help.
If that’s the case and you are anything like me a ONE-ON-ONE session where you can ask all the questions you have, and discuss YOUR HAIRSTORY and challenges at length will be really helpful to get you going. This is why I’m so excited to offer that opportunity to you all.

Hair consultations will involve a number of different things from hair assessments, regimen building, styling advice, product selections and more. They will be done on an individual basis as everyone’s hair and hair needs are different and we will work together to find the best regimens and products for YOU and YOUR hair. They really do make a world of difference to your hair care journey so let’s give it a go.

Email me on to schedule a hair consultation before/after working hours on weekdays and between 7- 10.00 am on weekends. Further contact details and pricing information will be given upon request. Looking forward to seeing you all soon and helping you start your Healthy Hair Journey!





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