Tanatsa Mazhandu – tHs Hair Feature

What is your Hair Type?

When did you start your HHJ and what was your starting length?

I started on the 1st of July

I was at Neck Length

Why did you start your hair journey?
Because you (tHs) were going on and on about hair so I figured why not! Let’s see how this goes. Plus I wanted my hair to grow, it had been the same length for years.

 What is your Current Hair length?

It’s grown to Shoulder Length (SL) since starting my HHJ!


Picture of Tanatsa’s Hair Progress below:
Length check – July ’13 (start of HHJ)/ Length check in September ’13 (3months in)


What is your regimen?
-Oil scalp with JBCO & PPO mix 4x week
-Moisturize and seal with Scurl no drip moisturizer and olive oil &castor oil mix. I’m switching to coconut oil for my sealing because the other two are a bit heavy on my hair so I want to try a lighter oil.
-Wash hair with a mix of yogurt and olive oil 2x month
What are your hair goals?
Bra strap length (BSL)

Thicker hair
What’s your favorite hair product?
What do you wish you knew about your hair in the past?
The truth about Hair food!!! (petroleum based products)
Moisturising and sealing your hair

 What challenges have you faced on your HHJ?

Getting JBCO

HHJ’s are time consuming and I get lazy at times
What is your fave protective style?
Cornrows !!!
How long do you keep your protective styles in?
6weeks av. (If it’s a weave)
What do you love about your hair now that you’ve started your HHJ?
It is growing and thickening

What are your hair challenges?
Thin hair(although it is improving)
What motivates you on your hair journey?
Research- reading and wanting to know more
What do you do about the non-hair-believerS?
I try get them to see the light by sharing the info I’ve learned



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