Feedback Friday: Summer Heat and Moisture

Hi everyone,

As usual it’s another Feedback Friday… Not sure what the weather is like where you all are but here in Zim it’s sweltering!!! What are you doing to keep your hair hydrated and moist in this heat???

Remember our hair needs all the moisture it can get to improve elasticity. The weather here is not helping that cause at all!  Dry hair has low elasticity = BREAKAGE and we don’t want that at all. Focus on retaining your length so that your hair growth is measurable.  Don’t have equal but opposite forces at place on your heads i.e growth and breakage at the same time. We all know from our physics lessons what the result of that is! lol


  Aside from moisturising and sealing is anyone else doing something different? If so PLEASE SHARE. The more ideas the better….


4 thoughts on “Feedback Friday: Summer Heat and Moisture

  1. besides moisturizing and sealing i use the moisturizing spritz which is ideal for those with fine hair or those who prefer a lighter alternative to thick butters. Additionally, it may be used to revive twists or another style that has gotten dry over time. Below is the recipes of my homemade spritz. Feel free to tweak to your own liking!

    The H2O Spritz
    – water
    – few drops of essential oil (your favorite)

    The ROSE-GLYCERIN Spritz
    – 4 parts rosewater
    – 1-2 parts glycerin
    put in a spray bottle and spritz away to keep your tresses moisturized.

    • Curly Eva thanks for your response. I actually used some glycerin on my hair this weekend…And I do whenever my hair feels super dry!

      I will definitely make myself the spritz because glycerin can be a bit heavy when applied straight to the hair … I think I will add a few drops of olive oil to it as my hair doesn’t hold water very well.

      Ladies to those reading be sure to get yourself some glycerin. It’s a humectant which means it draws in moisture so nothing better during the summer.

      • I made a DIY sprits this week too. Its awesome cause I’m always in a rush in the mornings for morning lectures. Its got 2/3 water, the rest is 2tbs of glycerine and aloe vera juice and 1tbs coconut oil and extra virgin oil.
        I’m still to relax my hair (got a month to go) so I haven’t seen any progress as yet

      • Your sprits sounds great Paula. I see you are loving the olive oil. I haven’t given it that much of a go on my scalp because I’m obsessed with JBCO. I do however, use it to prepoo, as an addition to my deep conditioners and to coat my hair before texlaxing 🙂 it works great!

        How long are you stretching for and what’s your current length?

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