Feedback Friday: tHs thoughts

Greeting ladies!!!

Hope you are doing well and sticking to your healthy hair care practices….Feedback Friday will be a bit different today. I definitely still want to hear what you have been been doing to your hair this week because I think it’s a great way to keep people on track.

> For those that are slacking I hope it instills a sense of guilt and you get back on the healthy hair train, lol .

> For those that are doing well I hope it makes you feel motivated to continue and makes you want to share with us all, if you haven’t been doing so already 🙂

Anyway back to what I was saying about FF and how today is different. I would love to get some feedback on tHs. Just two things:

1) What you think of tHs (the blog) ?

This could be anything from : Are you enjoying it? Has it motivated you to take care of your hair? Has it made you more interested in hair? Is it engaging and informative enough?
ths logo 2

2) What you would like to see on tHs?

There are so many topics I will be posting on over time but I know some of you may have burning questions and you don’t want to sit and hope that your topic is next. If that’s the case comment and let me know what you want me to post on and I will do it 🙂

Please do take part …don’t be shy to comment… Let’s make the blog as interactive and interesting as possible. Feel free to answer any one of the questions..It’s for us ALL as we want to achieve the same thing healthy beautiful hair. 

Thank you and Happy Friday !!!





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