Hair Chat: Time, Effort, Motivation

For most things in life when we want something done we want it done NOW and with as little effort as possible! Unfortunately with hair this type of thinking will never get you results you want Lol. So If that’s how you were thinking you may want to tweak your mind setting a bit. Well infact a lot! Healthy hair takes A lot of work especially at the start of our hair journey. It’s hard to break bad habits but forming good hair care habit is a MUST. The more accustomed you become to them the easier and gets and the less effort is required for your HHJ as you are merely maintaining. But to get to this easy stage you need to Put in the work at the start.

If you understand the nature of our hair and our hair growth cycle you will realise that hair growth takes time. Even more so when our hair and scalp may have been damaged in the past. The results WILL come but only after a period of time where you are intentionally and religiously doing specific things to your hair to obtain specific results.(regimen). So remember PATIENCE is EVERYTHING in a HHJ.

Hair journeys are unique to every individual. Your scalp, your hair. Don’t spend your days comparing yourself with the next person, it will drive you insane. Zone in on your efforts and results and keep your eye on the prize😁 Also as the name suggests obtaining and maintaining healthy hair is a JOURNEY. It may be short, it may be long, it may have challenges or it may not but at the end of the day there is a final goal to be reached. Be prepared for trials and errors but don’t give up. Trust me I have been on my hair journey for almost two years now and it has NOT been easy. I learn new things about my hair and myself all the time and I make the adjustments. One moment your hair may grow like weeds and like a certain product then next thing it doesn’t. This is normal and all you have to do is make slight changes to your regimen. Be open minded and stay MOTIVATED, also be ready to fend off the haters along the way… You will encounter them but remember it’s Your hair, your hair journey, YOUR HAIRSTORY!!



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