Feedback Friday

Hello and Happy Friday!

I’ve been following my wig regimen since October 1st and this time around I’m really focusing in scalp health.

In order to keep my scalp clean and avoid product build up I am heating up my JBCO before applying and using it in moderation. Less is more most times. It doesn’t help my hair, scalp or pillow case to have excess product sitting on it. Also, I clean my scalp with a wet wipe to remove any dirt once a week.

I am also focusing on scalp massages to help the oil penetrate my scalp as well as stimulate blood flow to that area. With all the reading I’m sure you know why this is important right? If not please go back to my post on hair structure. Anyway now that I have added scalp massages to my regimen I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits on my hair growth. Only my next length check will tell 🙂

Is anyone else trying something new? If so let’s talk about it!!!



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