❀❀❀ Love Letter to JBCO from my tender Scalp ❀❀❀

My beloved JBCO,

You ARE my dream!!! Ever since I met you I have never been happier!! At times I wonder what I ever did without you… was I living?? CLEARLY NOT..!!

I know we took things slow at the beginning, and started with just my hairline… What can I say “I have been BURNED in the past” (lol) But after seeing that growth along my hairline I came to trust you. I knew it was no mistake to take our relationship to the next level  :-p

…All the days of an itchy dandruff filled scalp are gone, and painful detangling days with an aching scalp from the pain of pulling and tugging at knots are a distant memory now… I am still in shock at how soft my hair has been after taking out my weave’s or braids. Who would of thought using you would make such a difference. Even when I’m as much as 9MONTHS POST!!! Let’not even begin to mention all the ADDITIONAL NEW GROWTH :-D… inches upon inches!

Ohhhhh JCBO you have truly captured my scalp!!! Rest assured I will never leave you! Our future is a long and healthy one… I see it now…. MBL you are not ready for us!!! Now off I go to oil my hairline a little !!

All my love

“SCALP”……tender scalp….


(disclaimer: I am by no means under the influence of anything… It’s justa fun loving post from a  very happy girl (me) who found JBCO on my healthy hair journey* lol ) We need to give credit where it’s due.

*** If you would like to purchase some 8oz JBCO please email me on kundayimawema@gmail.com You will need to stock up for the castor oil challenge starting Wed October 23rd, official blog coming tomorrow!! Get excited ladies JBCO will change your HHJ***


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