❀❀ tHs Castor Oil Growth Challenge :Cycle 1 ❀❀

Challenge Guidelines:


  • tHs Castor Oil Challenge Cycle 1 – **23 October 2013 – 15 January 2014**
  • Challenge 1 Goals – Hairline growth AND increased hair thickness**
  • Protective style – Wig or Weave. NO BRAIDS during hairline challenge.  (email me for consults on personalized wig/weave regimens)**
  • Take starting pictures and submit by the first day of the challenge to kundayimawema@gmail.com
  • Follow challenge regimen for three months taking note of any problems or improvements
  • Submit final pictures after on the last day of the challenge for final review of results
  • Challenge winners announced on tHs the following week

            *1st place winner of challenger will receive 1 bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 8oz

             *2nd place winner will receive 2 bottles of an essential oil TBA



Oil scalp with JBCO and MS 4x week

  • Heat 2-3 teaspoons of JBCO until warm and thin, NOT HOT.either heat in microwave or sit the bottle in hot water to warm the oil
  • First apply JBCO to the hairline and gently but firmly smooth product in using fingertips. JBCO is sticky so be gentle and smooth in ONE direction as you don’t want to pull out.
  • Next apply JBCO to the rest of the scalp in sections using your finger tips (between lines of cornrows if using a weave and between parted hair if using a wig)
  • Massage scalp deeply for 5minutes focusing on problem areas
  • Lightly moisturize  the length of your hair and the use JBCO to seal in oil. I recommend that you use the product residue from your scalp for the sealing.

Wash hair and do a deep conditioning treatment after 2weeks

  • Shampoo/co-wash hair every 2 weeks. 
  • Follow up with deep conditioner with heat – Add 3tblsp JBCO to your conditioner and sit under a heat cap OR cover hair with a plastic shower cap and warm towel Sit with this treatment for 30-40 mins then rinse out with cold water


Challenge Details:

~The tHs Challenges will run for 12weeks/ 3 month cycles throughout the year. With a 1month break in between each to give people a chance to re-group, re-visit their hair goals, and restock on product.

~All challenge participants will be required to take starting pictures of their hair before the start of the challenge. Focus on specific areas e.g the hairline or any thinning/balding areas as well as the length checks. Submit pics to kundayimawema@gmail.com with your name and the date of the picture by Friday 25th October 2013 to be eligible to enter the challenge. Then take pics of the same areas after 3months of the challenge and submit to the same email at the end of the challenge i.e by Friday 17 January 2014.

~Start and end pictures submitted by challenge participants will be reviewed to determine winners of the challenge. The winners will be chosen based on the most improved hair, length thickness, growth etc.

  • 1ST Prize- 8oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • 2nd Prize- 2 Bottles of an essential oil

~Every challenge will have a goal/s in mind to help direct our efforts consistently and track specific results.

~There will be use of protective styles during the whole challenge– one that does not go against your hair goals.

~There will be no use of relaxers or flat irons during the challenge. Only blow drying on cool setting on wash days.

**Important- Any Castor oil that is NOT 100% pure is NOT acceptable for the challenge.

Only use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on your hair, pharmacy castor oil is not considered for the challenge as the benefits are not the same..

~Deep condition with heat every 2 weeks and add JBCO to the conditioner to maintain moisture, elasticity and strength of our hair throughout the challenge

~Winners of the blog will be featured as tHs Hair Story Feature: Castor Oil Challenge Winners, as well as anyone who would like to share their results.


2 thoughts on “❀❀ tHs Castor Oil Growth Challenge :Cycle 1 ❀❀

    • Hi Tanatsa great question.

      If you have growth/ stretching for your starting picture you need to send in a final pic BEFORE your relaxer. there just needs to be consistency.

      If you have a fresh relaxer when you take start pics , relax then take your end of challenge pics ….HTH!!! and good luck

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