tHs COGC : Things to do

Ladies are we excited to start the first Challenge??  I’ve been getting great feedback from you so I’m super excited!!! Here are a few reminders of things you need to do:


  1. Get your JBCO (I have limited stock available so hurry and get yours now!!!)
  2. Get ready to take your starting photo’s
  3. Prepare your scalp for the protective style you will be using – wig or weave
  4. Find a hairdresser who is aware of healthy hair care practices and can put in your weaves the right way i.e SECURE BUT NOT TIGHT and do not leave any hair out!!! email or text me for a referall to my AMAZING hair dresser who does ALL my weaves!

Please post comments on the blog if you have any questions, or contact me directly!





One thought on “tHs COGC : Things to do

  1. hey kundi i definately want to be in on the chllenge, i just havent done all my reading and need a quick catch up so i start proper with every other lady. cant i act spoiled and ask for a quick basic break down of what i need to be ready. thanks babe. xoxo #excited

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