Hair Chat and COGS Update

I hope you are all well. I know it’s been some time since I last posted and I ‘m really starting to have blogging withdrawals even though it’s only been a week! Any way I hope you are all doing the castor oil challenge and if not, it’s not too late. You can start now because we are only one week in.  send your starting pics to in order to be eligible to win the prizes at end ie 8oz Tropic Isle Living JBCO!!!!. As the challenge progresses I will make a follow up on the blog and with all my clients to see how you are finding the castor oil, if you have noticed any changes, if your hair is responding etc etc. and I look forward to hearing positive responses.  If you do your homework and read around on the internet you will find that T.I.L JBCO is a staple product on basically every blog! and it’s for a reason! Trust me!!! I ADORE the stuff and soon after the challenge you will too!

Now onto a bit of hair chat about something that’s been on my mind for the last few days. It stemmed from a conversation I had with a friend about hair and it made realize a few things.

  • Women feel very defeated about their hair and hair issues
  • The myths on hair are still very much alive in Zimbabwe/Africa
  • I need to put a lot more emphasis on the fact that women need to take ownership of their OWN hair and hair journey

The key step in solving the above is to READ. And I don’t mean just browsing the pages, I mean REALLY READ, or listen to someone with info. There is power in knowledge. Only when you start to understand hair will you be able to realize the mistakes you have made with your hair, identify bad hair practices, debunk the hair myths on your own and take ownership by starting a hair journey

Reading and learning about hair helps you to accept your hair the way it is. Accepting that all hair is different and learning to LOVE your hair is so important. Your hair will never be the same as mine or the next girl so quit comparing already!! Focus on YOUR HAIR and YOUR HAIR NEEDS. Reading will help you do this. Don’t wait to see pictures of someone with extremely bad hair gone good in order to believe that healthy hair practices work, just zone in on what God gave YOU and make it work.  The hair you see on my head has not just grown inches  overnight because of “good genes”. I too have hairline, dandruff issues and have had a VERY rocky hair journey, but the difference may be that I aggressively and consistently put in the work to fix these things and the results follow.

I’ve said it before that if you are looking for a quick fix you won’t find that here… the more you read the more this is verified. That’s why there is emphasis on the words HAIR JOURNEY and HAIR STORY. It’s to drill in the time factor in the hair growth process. And if you are someone with a damaged scalp or hair you can expect it take a little while longer. Years of bad hair practices are not corrected in a few days with a new product and a few scalp massages. Hair growth is all about a healthy scalp! No healthy scalp no hair growth, so find a regimen with healthy hair practices and give your hair time it will respond.

“Healthy hair is for us ALL”  as well as the confidence that comes with it! I say this all the time and I mean it. Those with the biggest hair challenges make the best hair stories … So stay encouraged ladies!  




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