Hair Update

Ohhh no I missed my favorite day of the hair week… FEEDBACK FRIDAY ! But never mind that , I love hearing from you and sharing with you what is going on with MY hair with you no matter what day of the week it is :-D. Sharing ideas and experiences is always great for coming up with solutions when it comes to our hair, so please let’s comment and share our thoughts…..

As you can see in my last post I took my hair out yesterday. FINALLY!!! I unintentionally extended my wigging cycle to 4 weeks instead of 3. Not a problem, but my hair is in desperate need of a wash. I may have been a bit heavy handed in my oiling and moisturizing (oops) None the less the mane is out! … Can’t wait to do a treatment/wash/blowdry. (Ps I use heat AT MOST once per month, and I don’t flat iron my hair anymore…well at least I haven’t in about 6months)

Some hair things I noticed :

1)      Because I was a rather heavy handed with my moisturizer I “feel” like I may have a bit of a protein and moisture imbalance. With the excess being on the moisture side. Ironic huh…My hair feels a bit mushy… and apparently that is a symptom of moisture overload… So with that being said I’ll be doing a protein treatment today or tomorrow.

2)      My hair, because of the moisture load is actually quite weak. I was shocked when I pulled my ends and they broke off. Sounds dramatic right? But it’s true. Gasp. I was quite shocked because I don’t experience this often and personally  would like for it to STOP so I need to correct this moisture and protein balance in my hair.
hair 311013
(In this pic i was detangling in sections then putting my hair in a loose twist)

For those of you that are new readers or just don’t know, note the following:

Moisture and Protein are essential for our hair and the balance between the two is critical in maintaining healthy hair.

Protein – Reinforces the broken down protein bonds in our hair thus strengthening it and making it less prone to breakage

Moisture– Improves the elasticity of our hair which will reduce chances of breakage as the hair will not be brittle and break off. Rather it will stretch and spring back in to place.

***MP balance is important. Too much or too little of either one is bad for our hair. In my case I have too much moisture this time around…. Eeeek. So I will remedy it with a protein treatment that must always be followed up by a deep conditioner (i.e moisture treatment) ***



2 thoughts on “Hair Update

  1. Kundi I have SO much to tell you about my discoveries! And so many things to ask! But I actually just wanted to say thanks to you and the blog. Iv never been more in love with my hair

    • Paula you are a gem!!! thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate it and feel inspired. It’s great to know that you are falling in love with your hair. We all should!! “Healthy hair is for us ALL!!!”

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