10 Simple Things That Have Worked Wonders For MY Hair

During my HHJ I have committed to doing the following 10 things listed below to my hair. So far I am so happy with the results! Pick a few or preferably all of these things and add them to your regimen TODAY if you don’t have them already.Please post feedback on:

1) Any things that you are doing that are noton the list so we can all add on
2) Any things you do that are on my list and give feedback on how it’s going

*As you know I’m big on discussions so the more comments the better 😀

1) Moisturising and Sealing hair at least 4 times per week
2) Using natural oils on my scalp. Specifically JBCO and PPO and throwing out petroleum based hair food
3) Keeping protective styles in for at least 8 weeks at a time
4) Doing deep conditioning treatments with heat regularly for moisture along with co-washing
5) Not flat ironing my hair.
6) Using heat (blow dry) only once a month WITH heat protecting serum applied before
7) Washing and treating my hair in 4 large braids when stretching
8) Stretching relaxers as long as 20weeks/5months at a time i.e Relaxing twice a year
9) Texlaxing for fuller hair
10) Not colouring my hair

Oh and here’s a length check from the weekend. I am almost 8weeks post


9 thoughts on “10 Simple Things That Have Worked Wonders For MY Hair

  1. Hey Kundayi congratulations wow arm pit length thats great hey keep up the good work. and hows the Castor oil challenge going?

    • Thanks girl! I would have been at BSL but I did quite a big trim last relaxer. I’m texlaxing so getting rid of the fully processed ends as I go. :-\ what length are you? the challenge is going well will do a challenge check in after 4weeks…

    • lol… yes, get to it! it’s great for helping us reduce breakage as our hair becomes a lot more elastic and will therefore not break off much when combed/brushed… are you having any issues doing ms on your tracks given that you are in a weave? please share tips that have worked for you. xoxox

  2. Hey i am just below shoulder blade and was hoping to get to armpit length by Dec 31st aaaarrrgghh well will keep brewing my concoctions and do the inversion method for my inch in 7 days lol i have to do that one religiously though.

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