MY Hairstyle of the Day

updo 51113 (7)

I am the lover of ALL updo’s … I LOVE styling hair and letting my creative juices flow… braids in particular…One time I styled my friends hair for her bear costume and it was great ! I’ll post a pic some time 🙂 ANYWAY I’m rambling….

I used to get braids a lot because they were always so much more fun to style and when I put my hands up and start pinning it would turn out the way I would see it in my head… For the longest time I couldn’t do that with my own hair because it was either too short or didn’t have enough body so I would resort to my trusty flat twist..but..NOW I CAN!!! Wooptie woop… happy dance and fist pump…

So today I woke up inspired, and started pinning…it’s not as neat as it could be but I like it. It took me about 5mins to throw this up and off to work I went.

How did I do it??? Well it was quite simple ….

1)Brushed all my hair from the nape forward and tied it with a scrunchie at the top of my head
2)Pulled out hair from the sides of my head leaving the middle and crossed it over each other as if I were braiding and pinned to hold it in place
3)I took out the scrunch and parted my hair loose hair in sections. Twisting and pinning it down in my desired directions
4)Secured all hair, sprayed some holding and sheen spray and VOILA…

Do you have any fun hairstyles you would like to share? if so email them to me on and I can post them for everyone to see and try out.



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