MY Hair style of the Day 2

“MY Hair style of the Day 2” />

Here’s today’s up do 🙂 What do you think??? I love the braid in the back. I crossed my fingers and hoped it would be neat… I think i did ok..

I’m getting used to styling my own hair… but in moderation of course. Why ??? because there’s a lot of manipulation involved, and brushing hair too much especially during a stretch is not a good move. I am not trying to compromise my length retention and health for a cute up do… PS today’s do took about 15mins ….

important thing to note- None of these hairstyles involve the use of heat. they are all non heat styles,so try stay away from the curling and flat irons.

Have you tried anything new? if so please share pic on



2 thoughts on “MY Hair style of the Day 2

  1. wow that looks nice and simple will try it soon am in braids now 13 weeks post so you know when stretching its all low manipulation hairstyles and for me braids are the way to go. How long do you keep that on? can it last a week? will do it when i am on my 2 week braiding breather.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. You can try the style with braids I’m sure it will look great… I miss braids so much… I’m nursing my hair line so for now it’s wigs on my end. The braid at the back can definitely stay in for a few days the front would need restyling…

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