Feedback Friday

Happy Happy Happy Friday ladies!!! I’m in such a good mood today! so much great feedback all around. Im excited and motivated. The hair care culture change has begin and its really picking up!!!

To all my new followers thank you for joining and welcome to tHs. It so wonderful and exciting to see more people hopping into the healthy hair train everyday!! Also seeing the results of those that have started and are journeying to healthy hair!
“Healthy hair is for us ALL ” and we can and WILL ALL get there one strand at a time with desire, diligence and patience…

Today I’d love to hear how everyone’s hair journey is coming along…so I have a few quick question for you to answer.

1)Are you on a HHJ?What made you start your HHJ. Was it the blog ?
2)Are you making progress and seeing the changes in your hair?
3)What is your favorite product right now?

Your feedback is appreciated by all so don’t be shy to share. It’s more fun when we have discussions going 😊

Here are my answers:

1)YES I am on a HHJ …Passion for hair and desire to have long hair like they do on tv ( lol) made me start… My hair actually made me start this blog 😜😜

2)I am definitely making progress. Especially with my wig regimen and texlaxing. The painful part though is cutting off the over processed hair. I’m still crying from my last big trim 😢 but my hair feels so much stronger and fuller. Chanting health over length health over length health over length!!!

3)This one is a no brainer JBCO !!! Oh and wave nouveau finishing moisturizer

I hope you all have a great weekend



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