“Telling Tuesday” : Hair Feature Tsitsi Mujuru

Name: Tsitsi Mujuru
1) What is your Hair Type? (relaxed, natural,transitioning)?


2)When did you start your HHJ and what was your starting length?

 I started February 2013 and my hair was neck length.

3)Why did you start your hair journey, and did anyone influence you?

 Started it because my hairline was in a bad state after taking out really thin twist braids in December. So I decided to try not relax my hair for six months while I tried to figure out how to restore my hairline. My cousin told me castor oil and amla oil work, and I tried it for one month and my hairline started coming back slowly. Then Kundayi of tHs introduced me to JBCO and its been working wonders.

4)What made you decide to transition?

 I started loving the growth texture and Kundayi kept suggesting it too so I decided to give it a go.

5)What is your current regimen? 

Well I don’t have a strict regimen :$ I just moisturize my hair with JBCO, coconut oil and peppermint oil every two days. I keep my braids and weaves for 4 to 6 weeks at a time and I leave my hair out for at most 4 days between hairstyles. I try not expose my hair too much.

6)What are your hair goals
My hair goals are:
-Have 100%   natural hair (currently at like 90%
-Grow my hair to bra strap length
-Have healthier thicker hair

7)What’s your favorite hair product?

 Jamaican Black Castor Oil of course!

8)What do you wish you knew about your hair in the past? 

That it doesn’t have to be relaxed for it to look and feel great.

9)What challenges have you faced on your transitioning HHJ?

 Wash day! I hate wash day, it takes so long and sometimes I just don’t have the patience for the process.

10)What is your fave protective style while transitioning? 

Weaves and box braids.

11)How long do you keep your protective styles in? 

4 to 6 weeks, most of the time its 5 weeks. I get bored easily.

12) What do you love about your hair now that you’ve started your transitioning HHJ? 

The texture! The natural look and feel. I can’t get over it.

13)What motivates you on your hair journey? 

The progress I am making, well progress my hair is making. It looks healthier everytime I change hairstyles. So at least I know I’m not doing it for nothing.

14)What do you do about the non-hair-believers? 

I show them results and make them believers lol and then recommend your blog.



2 thoughts on ““Telling Tuesday” : Hair Feature Tsitsi Mujuru

  1. Hi Kundayi, I understand braids can be a form of a protective hairstyle however I have not had braids in a while as I don’t know how the process to moisturize and seal them can be done likewise with how to do the greenhouse effect if I have braids. May you please assist me with advice on how to do so.

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