Hi Everyone!!!

It feels so good to be back on the blog!! I have missed writing so much, but some times life just happens! lol. Nonetheless I hope you have all been catching up on all your hair research and taking care of that beautiful hair.

Today I’m excited because I’m announcing tHs first official “FOLLOWERS FIND” for the last few weeks of December and first week of January

What is it?

This is a SALE (yes I said it SALE) on all JBCO products supplied by tHs :-D… starting 20 December 2013- 5 January 2014


As a thank you to all my followers for all your support on the blog!! I am about to reach TEN THOUSAND views and I feel so blessed! This all would not be possible without my followers who have been so dedicated to this hair care movement!! Also because it’s December is such a happy month from my birthday to Christmas to New Years Eve celebrations; so I figured I would make a few of my local followers happy. Everyone deserves to stock up on product for the new year 😀

Who is eligible?

This sale is only for those that follow the blog via email. So if you haven’t hit follow as yet there is still time. Even if you are following just to get the sale it’s fine …go ahead and work the system a little lol… Also I will not be shipping internationally this time around so if you are neighbouring countires but you know someone in Zim get them to buy it for you!  

Call/text me on 0777 579 091 or email for product details. This is a big sale but with limited stock and for a limited time**.. Sale starts tomorrow 20 December 2013 and ends 5 January 2014                                                                                               PS: My blog has a listing of all my email followers so I will be checking it when you get in touch.

Products on offer include:

JBCO 4oz and 8oz, STRONG ROOTS PIMENTO OIL, JBCO protein treatments/deep conditioners, leave in conditioner etc etc

Just so you have an idea of how big this sale is: 8oz JBCO is $20 as opposed to the usual $30 so hurry!!!

(Cash upfront for all purchases**)

Why Tropic Isle JBCO products?

Because I am obsessed with them!!! Nothing has worked better for my hair and SKIN!! The results speak for themselves… so hey why not stick to what works. Also I am big on brand loyalty

AGAIN, big thank you to all my followers. I appreciate you all! Happy Holidays and lets show off our hair this christmas!!!




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