Followers Find Product Price List

Followers Find Product Price List

Hi everyone,

Here is a pic of the Tropic Isle products on sale and a table of prices below. Take advantage of the follower find sale this festive season . ****LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE*** and remember add yourself to the email follows to be eligible….

How to follow—??– Type you email address in the tab on the right side of the home page, then hit the orange follow button… It’s THAT EASY!!!

20 December- 5 January 2014 …. Stock up for the New Hair Year 😀

JBCO 4o z 20 15
JBCO- 8oz *** 30 20
JBCO Hair Food 15 12
JBCO -Protein treatnt-8oz 22.5 18
JBCO Deep Condn 8oz 22.5 18
Strong Roots Pimento Oil 25 22
JBCO Leave in Cond. 8oz 20 17
Coconut JBCO 4oz 22 18
Lavender JBCO 4oz 24 20
Rosemary JBCO4o z 22 18
Aloe JBCO 4o z 24 20
Sage JBCO – 4o z 22 18


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