Case of the Hair Line : 3 things have saved/maintained MINE

Ohhhh the joys of diversity! Some are born tall some are born short; some are born in Africa others are born in India (lol); some are born with full strong amazing hairlines that look like they can with stand the heaviest box braid there is…. And others…. Not so much :-/ lol…    I personally fall in this category!! Don’t get me wrong my hairline is not TERRIBLE… but let’s just say it’s very sensitive and will not hesitate to leave me if I treat her badly. So we have had to make some changes to our relationship over the years :-P. ithas not been easy and requires continuous attention but it CAN  be done. Here are the 3 things that have helped my hairline.

1)      Getting to know MY hair line:

My hairline is suppperrrr sensitive, the most sensitive part of my tender scalp. Mere brushing agitates it and so I learned to it alone as much as possible… constant touching=breakage

Also, accepting what God has given me is another important thing. Do not force the funk. PLEASE. Let’s be honest ladies, everyone knows a beautiful hairline when they see one and if your does not look the same, you may want to act accordingly before it’s too late… So what am I saying exactly?   I’m saying you need to look at back at your hair habits and figure out what has worked and what has not worked so well for your hair. For example I was a big braider in college but when I looked back over the years I noticed that my hairline definitely did not look the same as it did a few years before so I had to sacrifice the braiding lest I become bald. I now limit braids to about once a year and put in bigger braids with hair that is not heavy.

2)      Avoiding tension on my hair line:

I do this at all costs. I have never really been big on weaves but for my hairline it’s L.O.V.E!!! However, only when put in a certain way. I’m very specific, I don’t go to multiple people to do my hair. I cannot and will not. So I go to my trusty Mai Saru, who knows my scalp from childhood, and listens to me when I tell her how to handle it. I get her to put in my tracks very loose along my hairline and not braid my baby hair or the hair directly along it. I do this so that there is no tension on my hairline at all. Then I get her to sew in something with bangs or something that comes forward and will cover the hair I have left out at the front. By doing this I somewhat incubate the little hairs that I will be nursing.(ps I never leave hair out with weaves, it damages the hair I have to constantly brush on a daily.)

3)      tHs Growth combination method:

You will remember this from one of my earliest post.

Heat/Protection: By getting bangs or something that comes forward, the weave covering my little hairs provides warmth and protection against any harsh elements that may weaken my hair. There’s no rubbing up against any hair accessories or any harsh direct sun to dry it out.

Food/Moisture: Next thing is oiling my hairline with JBCO or SRP and massaging it in about 4x per week. This nourishes my hair by providing moisture to improve elasticity of the hair and essential nutrients that will feed the hair follicle as nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream. The scalp massages then stimulate flood flow to the scalp thus bringing the nutrients to the follicle and promoting the growth of thick healthy hair.

Time: I keep my hair in for about 8weeks to give it time to fester and grow. My hair thrives when it is braided and left alone so I stick to my regimen and watch it do its thing. Before and after pics speak volume.


***If you want your weave put in the right way to promote healthy hair care practice just call Mai Saru on 0772859509. Let her know you got the number from my blog and ask her to put in your weave the way she does mine. Loose tracks-secure sew in J*** Those who have gone to her have not been disappointed.

HHG everyone!!!




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