Top 10 tHs Highlights of 2013

So 2013 was an amazing year for me, and it’s always exciting to look back and remember the good times! For those that have been with me or joined along the way you will definitely remember these things! For those that are new to tHs here are some of the most exciting and well received posts on the tHs blog during 2013.

1) tellingMYhairstory marked the birth of tellingHAIRstory blog. It was my very first post on July 16 2013, where I was telling people about MY hair story and highlighting some of the key things my hair has gone through over the years which have lead me to my healthy hair journey. Everyone has a hairstory to tell and this is a platform for us to share all things hair and help each other in our various hair journey. What’s your hairstory? email me if you want to share or would like to be featured on tHsin 2014!

2) tHs Growth Combination everyone loved this post. It discussed the key things that we ALL need for our hair to grow. it was actually a big eye opener for a lot of people… kind of gave you that ahhh haaaa moment where everything suddenly makes sense.It’s a combination of things that makes for a healthy hair growing equation. Follow this combo and you can’t go wrong!!

3) Motivational Monday: The myths are NOT true this post struck a nerve with people and went against the hair myths we commonly hear in our communities. We have been hearing them all our lives and have been brainwashed to believe them. this post was meant to emancipate you from all such myths and introduce you to the facts about healthy hair care. The post discussed common myths about hair growth, relaxers, split ends etc and explained why they are not true. Some people became believers while others shrugged it off and continued using petroleum based hair products !!! lol

4) tHs Hair Feature : Tsitsi Mujuru My girl caused an internet stir! She provided hope all aspiring naturals and turned some hair haters into believers of the healthy hair journey. After a tHs consultations and sticking to a rigorous hair regimen and jbco she has managed to obtain very good results over the past few months. Since then she has been making the necessary changes to suit her and what HER hair needs but she has the basics and core products down to a tee! She also proved that I’m not the only one with hair that grows so I was really excited. here and there the non believers tell me its coz of my genes etc… but nope… look at Tsitsi.

5) The dreaded T.R.I.M I feel like if there is one things that is so hard to get us black women to do it’s to go for a trim. I received some serious outcries about this post. Mostly from people who were haven’t quite grasped the nature of our hair structure and the issue of breakage. Let’s hope 2014will open up our minds and those who trim and have great results will share their experience. BUT with that being said don’t just let anyone trim your hair or you might get the BIG CHOP …invest in a professional and have control of the process don’t be a sitting duck in the chair then cry after your hair is on the floor.

6) Do you speak HAIR? this post was very fascinating and exciting to most of my readers…. Who would have thought that hair care can have its own language! It’s full of different terms and acronyms that can sound like Spanish if you don’t take the time to learn what they are. But trust me once you start your HHJ you will be tossing those words around like it’s nothing. I shared this common hair glossary so that we can all be on the same page and speak the same language within out hair community.

7) Hair Basics: Hair structure and The hair growth cycle informed us about the structural make up of our hair and how it grows. We need to understand what hair is, and how it grows, what damages it , what’s good for it etc etc once there is a full understanding of the basics you will understand what needs to be done to our hair and why. This makes for a better HHJ

8) Key how to’s: moisturise and seal most followers were keen to see how to go about the moisturizing and sealing process as it is a daily requirement for our hair both in and out of protective styles. so I posted a video demonstrating how to do it. if you hadn’t watched the video enjoy! and be sure to watch the other on wrapping hair … another must do.

9) tHs Followers find in appreciation of the different supporters of my blog I decided to have a sale of JBCO products so that followers could stock up for the new hair year. The sale ends January 6th so you still have 2days! There was also Big thank you 3012 views back in September. I was so excited to reach 3012 views!! Since then I have reached 10617 views as of today and I continue to be extremely blessed and grateful for all my followers and their support.

10) tHs Castor Oil Growth Challenge was the first on the blog. Most of you know that JBCO is my staple product and it has worked wonders for my hair. The most fun and interactive way to grow hair is in groups where you can track and compare progress against yourself or against others. The challenge was using my favorite product JBCO and was running from October – 14 January 2014. Submit you before and after pictures before the 17th of January and stand a chance to win free products for your hair!

That rounds up the highlights from 2013…. A lot of great things happened last year so cheers to that!and here’s to 2014!!! A HAIR year that will be filled with more progress, healthy hair and many blessings in all of our lives!!!


oh and one last highlight!! Finally being able to put a funk style in my OWN hair 😀
updo 51113 (7)


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