2014 New HAIR Resolution

January is quite a fun month people get so creative when it comes to their resolutions…Some are dieting, hitting the gym more etc but have you thought about your HAIR Resolutions??? I’ve been in the process of trying to figure out what my new hair resolutions are going to be for 2014 and it’s been a bit of a struggle but I have finally decided to start with ONE. I figured one very important resolution is better than a bunch of meaningless ones right?  

So here it is ….. This year I will commit to………(drum roll)

The L.O.C METHOD..!*!*.


As you know I have embarked on a long term stretch and that naturally I have low porosity hair dry hair. By not committing fully to healthy hair care practices during such a time I put my hair in a very precarious position. Basically it’s a “MAKE OR BREAK” situation/time… and I mean that literally because my hair is more prone to breakage and is weaker than ever at the demarcation line. It needs all the babying and moisture it can get to increase strength and elasticity. So this year I have decided to tryout the LOC method. I’ve never tried it before but I always hear great reviews and I think it would be great for my hair right now.

 Over the past two months I have had a bad run with my hair on my wash days and lost a lot of hair. I am not proud of myself (hides face in shame) and my hair needs all the help it can get. It’s dry brittle and needs to be saved before I am forced to big chop. And I can’t do that or I will not reach my goal of MBL!

What is the LOC Method?

loc method

Why the LOC Method?

The LOC method is like moisturizing and sealing on steroids! Lol. It aims to seal in as much moisture into our strands as effectively as possible by locking in the moisture not once, but TWICE. Once, with a carrier oil and next with a cream moisturiser to prevent the loss of moisture from our shaft.
How to use the LOC Method:

1) Moisturise with a water based liquid moisturizer. For this I will either be using my Tropical Isle  leave in condtitioner & detangler, a braid spray or plan old WATER which is the best moisturiser for our hair anyway. You will spray the length of your hair with the mosituriser. If you have new growth spray a bit extra on the growth and demarcation line, then work it into the shaft in a downward motion.

2) Seal hair with a light carrier oil. My go to oil for sealing my strands is coconut oil because it’s not heavy and penetrates the shaft really well. Feel free to use whatever oil works best for your hair eg EVOO, grapeseed oil, JBCO(for coarse hair) or Argan Oil too. The key is to NOT be heavy handed with your sealing oil as you will be following up with a cream/butter in the next step and we don’t want our hair to be weighed down.

3) Now here comes the part that differentiates the LOC method to M&S. You will seal again with an extra layer of cream oil or hair butter to really lock in the moisture and ensure that your hair stays moisturized for up to at least 2days. For this I use a crème of nature leave-in crème conditioner or shea butter.

So there it is ladies. My HAIR Resolution for 2014 !!! What’s yours???  PS be sure to try out the l.o.c method if you haven’t already. It’s great for those with hair that is more on the dry side. Once you do be sure to share your feedback with us all. For those that have done it or are doing it please let us know how it has worked out for you!!! The more we can share info the more we all benefit 😀

Happy Hair Growing***




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