Feedback Friday: Hair Update/Chat

Greetings everyone!!!

I hope everyone has started the New Year off well.  I know its still Thursday here in Zim but somewhere out there it’s Friday so HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

So a whole bunch of things (bad and good) have happened to my hair over the past few weeks I’ll try summarize it for you as best I can but this “might” just be a long read (hides face in hands) lol.

Lets start with an update on my long term stretch- 

I’m still going strong and I’m patiently waiting for the day I can finally texlax my hair and see that miraculous change in length! Kind of like when you type out an assignment single spaced then hit 1.5 spacing right at the end and you go from 4 pages to like 6!!  😀 That’s my silver lining in all off this because it’s been a tough stretch. I’ve had a number of challenges with my washdays and lost a lot of hair during the process. I’m not proud of this at all and take full responsibility because it all could have been avoided but I got lazy.

Whenever I stretch I usually do my washdays at home and really take my time with everything because my hair is really vulnerable during a stretch. But this time around I didn’t. Not once by twice… and boy do I regret it! Can you say BREAKAGE!??!! That doesnt even begin to describe the horrors! I think I’ve gone from APL back to SL! Ok ok that a bit dramatic but it was bad. The main cause of the problem is that I did not detangle well after taking out my protective style(weave) so when the water hit that crazy growth of mine it was a downhill battle. Blow drying was the worst!  So many knots and single strands knots and my hair dresser didn’t have the time to take them out one by one. By the end of it I had to take some pain killers…. Another thing was that I did a protein treatment and then my follow up deep conditioner did not sit in my hair for long enough so it was super hard! That dry straw type of feeling! GOSHHH. Any way this happened twice in a row all for the love of trying to save time. Well I learned my lesson… NEVER AGAIN because it ended up costing me so much hair.


***This is me sitting in the chair as I went through torture! lol And that to the left my friends is the damage of a single strand knot!! I had tonnes of these and they were ripped out (I am still weeping inside) all that length down the drain!

Now onto the good side of my story… My hairdresser was telling me that I have too much growth and I should relax my hair. I was in so much pain and just gutted so I even set a date in my phone for a reminder to do so… but luckily enough then my senses came back!! and I was reminded that I need to take ownership of what I am doing to my hair and stay encouraged during the stretch. I decided to start a new personal HAIR CHALLENGE, inspired by my fave products and try to repair my hair. I chose to go back to my favorite All IN ONE-WIG REGIMEN because I can really get to do everything all at once! I can do the following:

  • Focus on my scalp health by doing deep conditioning/ oil and protein treatments
  • Improve my hair health by moisturising and sealing the length of my hair and focusing on my ends. (incorporating the l.o.c method- which is great so far)
  • Go all out and do the GHE every night (I feel like it’s so much more effective during wig regimens)
  • Daily scalp massages with my JBCO and PPO mix

My hair loves this regimen from past experiences. So yes I’ll be doing this for 60 days and then I get to see the results! My hair should feel a lot thicker and stronger by the end of it and I should have significant growth. Also my ends should be healthier too. AND I would have stretched an extra 8weeks! I think at that point I will probably texlax depending on the state of my hair….

So basically ladies things at the end of the year were going south but with our hair it’s all about OWNING IT!! You literally make or break it yourself! So if your anything like me and need a challenge to get you going please do so immediately…  Every day you wait is another hair breaking!

Now here’s the part where I ask for your feedback! Sharing is caring remember 😀 and it’s the best way for us to learn from each other… So what has been going on with YOUR hair lately? and please share your New HAIR Resolutions if you have any … looking forward to them!



Oh before I get forget … this is my hair after my most recent wash day from hell. I’m praying that this is shrinkage setting in… but part of me knows my fate after the trauma my hair went through! However all is not lost 🙂

Wash day results


3 thoughts on “Feedback Friday: Hair Update/Chat

  1. Scurry stuff right there Kunds! Great to know you are back on your feet! Fortunately for me, I get to learn from your experience – I will be EXTRA careful when I undo my hair next during this stretch. All the best!

  2. Wow i feel your pain aaarrrggghhhh been through that one before my stomach was churning, Thats one of the major setbacks of relaxer stretching but hey you are on your way again Kundi and like you said you have a regimen in place for the recovery.Thanks for alerting other ladies about this during their relaxer stretches at least they will have some knowledge. HHJ

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