Hairstyle of the Day- Wash Day Prep

Hairstyle of the Day- Wash Day Prep

Hi everyone,

It’s been 3 weeks of my wigging regimen so I took out little box braids that I wear during my regimen in preparation of my wash day. 😀

I’m a bit nervous given the trauma of my last wash days but I am confident because I am doing it myself this time. I have already detangled my hair. I did this yesterday using my wide tooth detangling comb and a little bit of my leave in detangler. My hair was feeling super soft. I’m actually going to pass my the grocery store after church to buy a small bottle of detangler that I will mix with some EVOO for my pre-wash detangling. Yes i will detangle AGAIN!! Lol. No shortcuts today….. Anyway more details to come on my washday feedback post …

In the meantime here’s my hairstyle of the day from yesterday… and i’ll be wearing it the same way today. different hair accessory though. My hair has quite a bit of shrinkage from the growth (I’m hoping and praying that’s all it is and not the breakage from last time :-s ) I AM LOVING THE VOLUME AND FULLNESS!!! Gets me excited every time… these are the moments I love texlaxing… I still have some Bone straight ends.. will be getting rid of them with time…For now I’m on a mission to look after my ends and get to MBL a.s.a.p… Every regimen I do will be on overdrive…..

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!!


3 thoughts on “Hairstyle of the Day- Wash Day Prep

  1. hey Kundayi
    ok so i’ve been thinking of getting braids for a while now but i’m worried about the following:

    1. how to care for my hair line with the braids on
    2. which moisturisers to use for shine and moisture that are still water based.

    please help.


    • Hi Tanatsa,

      My apologies for the late reply… Braids are great if you take care of them well,from scalp care to managing your hairline…Here are a few tps I have when it comes to rocking braids
      1) Size and weight- stay away from the tiny braids and ‘picking’ of the hair line … baby hair are not meant to be twisted and pulled into a braids.. or you can kiss the good bye. The smaller the braid the more stress on your hair especially if the braid is heavy. Try to get medium to large braids with hair that is not heavy eg 100% human hair or expression braid. This will reduce the tension on your hair

      2) Leave them alone- for the first week or so when your scalp is still very tender from braiding you want to avoid pulling and tugging your braids in different directions or tying it too tight. this will just promote breakage. as the braids start to loosen with time you can get more playful with them but again don’t take it overboard

      3) Moisture- keep your hair and scalp well moisturized during te duration of your braids. this will help maintain elasticity and your hair will stretch rather than break. For my braids I use my JBCO leave in spray, or Jamaica mango & lime braid spray daily. I then also apply JBCO to my scalp and massage it in.

      4) Cleaning- try to keep your scalp as clean as possible during braids. natural oils will penetrate the scalp well and reduce build up of oil and dirt.wash hair when necessary if you feel your hair is getting dirty or getting dandruff (which it shouldn’t if you use jbco) you must shampoo and treat your hair while in the braids. I can put up a post on how to wash when in braids if you like. or just email you details

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