Washday Feedback

Hi ladies,

As you know last Sunday was my wash day! I was very nervous given the last two but also determined to get things right this time. I had committed to doing everything correctly, made sure I had fun with it and tried a few new things…it turned out well! I think I’ve found my new washday regimen  😀 woohoo! I have numbered the pic so you know exactly what I was doing what I was using and what it all looked like …

Detangling- (pic1)

I detangled in sections using a wide tooth detangling comb. I did not wet my hair because it was already full of oil so it was not very dry. I worked slowly and gently. I did this a day or two prior to my wash day just to give my scalp time to rest. Then on Sunday I embarked on a day long wash day that was worth every minute.….

Pre-pooing (pic 2,3,4)

This is my new dream!!! Whatever I thought I was doing all this time was definitely not it because the results I has this time were amazing. Instead of pre-pooing for like 10mins I applied my mixture of oil to my hair and scalp using my applicator brush from root to tip. My oil is a mix of evoo, tea tree oil and strong roots pimento. I focused a lot of the oil on my scalp and new growth and let it sit for a few hours under my shower cap and plastic wrap that I secured using tape. Such behavior will usually limit your activity but I just threw on a head scarf and went about my day. Can I just say the results!!AMAZING!!! My growth was so so soft and the comb almost slipped right through my hair! :-O Not much pain either! I was in both shock and awe… now I know why people pre-poo and say it must be done overnight or for a few hours minimum…

Co-washing and deep condition (pic 5 and 6)

These were my next steps.  I washed and deep conditioned my hair in 4 large sections … not in braids this time as I usually do… I started out by rinsing out the oil with warm water. Not all of it of course, and then washed with my co-wash in order to retain a bit of moisture. I washed and detangled each section slowly ensuring that I did not get any knots. Then I applied my deep conditioner from root to tip and massaged it in to my scalp and new growth. I sat with my conditioner for about two hours with heat under my heating cap and without heat .

Tension method blow drying (pic 7 and 8)

 I tried something new and blow dried my hair using the “the tension method” I am a fan! This is when you don’t use a comb or brush when blow drying. Rather, you part your hair, detangle gently and then dry it by taking hold of your hair and stretching it while blowing warm air down along it to dry and straighten.it helps a lot if you have a concentration nozzle. This method is great if done correctly and leaves hair super straight while using very little heat. Minimal combing means less breakage

Selfie time (pic 9)

This is now the time where you let yourself have fun, love your hair and flaunt it! Length checks are always a must and it’s nice to have a pic to remember how your hair was looking. Enjoy your hair and pat yourself on the back, I sure did 😀









2 thoughts on “Washday Feedback

  1. Hi Kundayi…I have recently started following your blog. Pardon me if I am repeating questions…I have got two of them.
    Is your hair natural or relaxed?
    Do you mind sharing exactly what products you use (brand names) and where you source them from and possibly their prices? Some of us are not hair product savvy…as long as the scalp is not itching we presume everything is okay in the hair lol.

    • Hi Vimbai,

      Thank you for following tHs abd for the message… I am relaxed… texlaxed to be specific. I am currently on a log term stretch to decide if I want to go back to natural again 🙂

      I use tropic isle living products… their whole range … from my favorite Jamamican Black Castor Oil, to their leave in conditioner. I sell the products and can send you the prices via email or text. I hope that you are planning to start your hair journey… it’s quite exciting… I have hair consultations if you want to go in depth so just let me know. in the mean time I will email you my number and product list.

      Products are available at Memorable Designs 119A Nelson Mandela Rd, opposite oasis hotel. Consultations after 5pm by appointment


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