BIG CHOP anyone??? – Hair Care for Protective Styles

BIG CHOP anyone??? - Hair Care for Protective Styles

Ladies,….. oh ladies… oh ladies…. if you’ve ever left a weave or braids in for so long that your hair gets damp and smelly PLEASE STAND UP!!!!

If this was my hair care forum (which I will be having soon) I know there would be a lot of you on your feet! Myself included – hides face in shame!! BUT this picture I hope is more than enough to make anyone stop dead in their tracks and make a U-turn in their hair habits.

The big chop must be optional… not because your hair has mould…YES MOULD!!! Gives me goose bumps just looking at it… probably because I know it’s such a possibility…

How did this happen ???

I would love to know… b the real and full story but from my hair experience, here’s what I think went on ….
1. This girl had a protective style of some sort- I’m thinking a weave?
2. There’s a whole lot of new growth so her weave was in for a WHILE… it says 6months but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more!
3. The dirt build up screams PETROLEUM… it does not penetrate the scalp and then builds up and gets gunky and wet after a while and basically glues your strands together… perfect breeding ground for mould.
4. She tried to wash her hair a number of times… as seen from the semi clean new growth. Noble cause but wrong implementation! especially when it came to drying out her hair. It was definitely damp for long periods of time.
5. Who ever undid her hair got the fright of their life and probably threw !!! Lol … just kidding… but let’s be real ladies… this is real live MOULD! Can you imagine the smell!!! Now I definitely believe the story of the woman who had a spider lay eggs and hatch in her hair 😮 … *shudder
6. This girl came to the hair dresser running!

This picture has gone viral and for very good reason! People must see what can happen if you don’t practice good hair practices…. Protective styles are meant to protect our hair and facilitate growth, not the opposite. However people do not take it seriously. Now it’s time to post specifically on SCALP AND HAIR CARE while using protective styles-lest this becomes you!

Food for thought ladies



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