My go to protective and growing style-WIGS

Those that know me well would be shocked to hear me say I wear wigs and I wear wigs OFTEN …. Prior to my hair journey and also at the beginning of it, I always used to wear braids and weaves as my go to protective styles. However, after coming across various bloggers who use wigs to grow out their hair I decided to give it a shot. I have not looked back since! Now I’m in love with using wigs as my protective and growing style, here’s why:


Because I blog about hair care and growth the demand to “see my hair” is quite high… I tend to disappoint people quite a lot because my hair is always braided up. However with wig regimens I have the ability to wear my hair out every 3weeks when I have wash days. I usually keep my hair out for3-5days so I can please my followers and at the same time maintain low manipulation during stretches. There is also flexibility in hairstyles. I can be long haired one minute then short and curly the next. So it’s great for my ladies who get tired of the same hairstyle after 4 weeks of having it.


Wigs are the best of both worlds. I can have nice protection with my hair covered during the day and yet I can pay attention to the health of my hair 100% during my regimen because I have full access to it at whenever I need it. The one thing I did not enjoy about WEAVES is that as much as I can oil and moisturize and seal my hair, I always feel like it’s not effective enough. There are too many “hard to reach areas” that I can’t get to give to and I can never work on my ends and give them TLC. However with my wig regimen I can put my hair in box braids then moisturize and seal the length of my hair. I can also keep my scalp clean and even dry condition on those braids whenever I want.

Scalp Focus

When I am using wigs I can really focus on my scalp care and cleanliness. I put the box braids in securely with the tension that my scalp likes. There is never hair that will fall out because I pulled it too tight so this way I can always protect my hairline and nape from breakage. I can do deep massages on my scalp after oiling it and then do the greenhouse method over night which my hair loves!! I also tend to have a very sensitive scalp so I need to apply aloe vera and vitamin E to my scalp often. The box braids in my wig regimen give me full access to my scalp and any problem areas so I can treat them in time and clean my scalp often. 

3 tips when I use my wigs:

I never hook the band …. too much tension around my head and hairline. The friction will cause breakage and also just give me a headache

I use lace front wigs and secure the small combs as far back from my hairline as possible

I massage my hairline with coconut oil daily before I put on my wig to reduce breakage and itching along my hairline


2 thoughts on “My go to protective and growing style-WIGS

  1. I started my ig regimen last week Monday and i am loving it! i really dont know why i never tried it before. I love the flexibility aspect. I want to do it for 6 weeks like you usually do, 5 more weeks to go.Thanks Kundi!

    • It’ s great !!! I felt the same way when I started … I just did a dry deep conditioning treatment on my braids last night with no fuss…. couldn’t have done that with a weave :-p oh and ps dont forget your wash day after 3 weeks… HHG!!!

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