Winter Hair Care

Oh goodness it’s almost that time of year again where we look at ourselves in the mirror and can’t recognize our own hair. It goes all crazy on us! It’s dry, brittle and breaking and we have no clue what to do with it…. Yes ladies…. You got it…W.I.N.T.E.R!!! It is fast approaching, and there is no avoiding it. The best favor we can do for our hair right now is to be PREPARED. Proactive as opposed to reactive…. Actually this applies to life in general, but I will stick to the hair stuff. J

Funny enough our winter temperatures here in Zim are nothing compared to other countries… but at the same time our hair is used to warm climate so any change will definitely affect us even if we don’t have snow! So what must we do to prepare NOW so that when the temperatures drop we are ready….

I recommend three key things to do ….


Winter is like exam period for our hair. You will need to have healthy hair care info at your fingers tips if you are going to make it through. So read read read ladies! The more you understand what you need to do to your hair and WHY, the more likely you are to look after your hair and the more effective your efforts will be.


All the info you’ve been reading will have to be put into practice through during winter. You can’t get away with reading but doing nothing to help your hair afterwards. The cold temperatures and dry winds are no friend to our hair ladies so having knowledge without action is a big NO NO. Your hair will definitely break… so let’s not be left wanting.

Build a winter regimen

This is a combination of the first two points. It’s your action plan/game plan for the winter. The winter regimen that you will build will be centered around key hair issues that arise during the winter like dryness and breakage and doing everything you can to prevent them. It’s really quite easy…. Your regimen should be centred around moisturising and protective styling to keep your hair hiden away from the elements and to facilitate length retention. If you were not a protective styler before, the winter is definitely the time when you need to become one. Now it’s time to do your reading and put your thinking caps on for a new regimen. If you have anything interesting that you want to try and share please let us all know… the more we share ideas the better off we are so I’ll be waiting for the comments….


Start a hair Challenge

A great way to stay motivated over the winter is to start a new hair challenge. Give yourself some goals and go or them! It’s even more fun when it’s a little competitive too. So I’m thinking a tHs WINTER HAIR CHALLENGE would be fun and beneficial to help all of us stay motivated over the winter period. With prizes at the end of course… All those in favor “SAY I” … Well…. in the form of a comment. I’d love to get a feel of how many people are willing to get involved…. So don’t be shy ladies. Post a comment “I’m in” on the tHS Winter Hair Challenge post to enter 😀 “Healthy hair is for us ALL” and this is how we will get there…









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