Feedback Friday (Late post)

Hi ladies,

So you all know I did a wash day last weekend right? The process was the same as my last one but this time I made my own detangling spritz with aloe vera juice and olive oil 🙂 I liked it… maybe because I am a fan of aloe vera juice but in terms of the results I felt like my hair was very soft after detangling it. Everything else was the same but for those who didn’t get  a chance to read the last washday post here’s a summary of my routine.

Detangle- on moist hair with a paddle brush and wide tooth comb. I use detangler or a homemade spritz …

Prepoo- (2hrs)I used them same tea tree, olive oil and strongs roots pimento oil mix. I the oil on my scalp so that the tea tree oil can disinfect my scalp and then strong roots pimento oil penetrates the scalp to strengthen my roots

Wash- in four sections but not in braids. My hair and scalp was a lot more dirty so I used shampoo this time instead of co-washing to prevent build up of dirty on my scalp. I gave my scalp a good scrub and may have contributed to a few tangles but I was willibg to comb them out gently for a clean scalp 🙂

Protein treatment- I skipped the protein treatment again this time and when right in to deep conditioning. I will use my protein treatment on my next wash day. Every two months is fine for my hair especially with all this growth. the matting is not my friend. 

Deep conditioning- I remain OBSESSED  with my JBCO deep conditioner. I think it may be the castor oil component but it leaves my hair feeling amazing and soft… it’s sensational!!! and I don’t even have to apply too much …This time I even deep conditioned with out heat. I just cover with my shower cap and left it in for about an hour and a half, but the results as always were amazing. oh and all this was in sections.

Blow dry- I moisturized my hair then applied argan oil as my heat protector and blow dried in sections using the tension method.

With the more growth I’m getting the more shrinkage I’m experiencing but I know it’s all worth it !! Have any of you done washday recently ? Please share YOUR Wash day regimen with all of us 🙂  



Results from my wash day- pre  wash and detangle, during blow drying, final results and after.

Results from my wash day- pre wash and detangle, during blow drying, final results and after.


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