tHs Winter Challenge Details

❀❀❀ tHs Winter Hair Care Challenge ❀❀❀


Ladies 3 more days until we get to start the first tHs Winter Hair Care Challenge! (Woohoo) I don’t know about you but I am super excited at the thought of GROWING rather than BREAKING my hair this winter! It’s also great to see that so many of you will be participating in the challenge and that you are committed to taking care of your hair… it’s so much more motivating to know that we are in this together… and a little bit of friendly completion is always great 😀 YAY!!!

winter hair care tips

Now luckily for us we don’t have to deal with extreme winter temps or snow but the change in weather will still take its toll on our hair. This winter I think we should go all out for our hair, so I encourage you to not just stick to the basic guideline but be very dynamic and incorporate a number of things that you may or may not have tried …. The key is to be open to try it all out…. The worst thing that could happen is hair growth! Lol. Now here’s how the challenge will go…


                                   Challenge Guidelines:

• **tHs Winter Hair Care Challenge 1 – 1 May 2014 – 31 July 2014**

• **Winter Challenge Goals – Grow hair, retain moisture and retain length**

• **Protective style – Wig or Weave. NO BRAIDS during challenge


                             How to qualify to win challenge prizes

• Take starting picture or pictures (maximum 3) of your hair and post them on to the tellinghairstory facebook page with hashtag #thswinterchallenge within the first week of the challenge i.e between 1-7 May 2014

• Challenge check-in every 2 weeks – you can do this by posting a comment or picture every 2 weeks with hashtag #thswinterchallenge onto the facebook page. I will remind you when check in dates are approaching so you remain eligible 

• Post final pictures at the end of the challenge within a week of the last day i.e by 7 August 2014

• Start and end pictures submitted by challenge participants will be reviewed to determine winners of the challenge. The winners will be chosen based on the most improved hair, most length obtained\retained, most thickness, growth etc .

Prizes up for grabs include:

• 8oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil/ Strong Roots Pimento Oil

• Tropic Isle Deep Conditioner

• Free tHs hair consultation


                                                   Challenge Staple Products

Coconut JBCO*, water based moisturiser, cream moisturiser, deep conditioner, shower cap, head scarf, wide tooth comb, paddle brush.

Why coconut jbco? – one of the challenge goals is length retention and we do this by reducing breakage. Coconut oil strengthens the hair and reduces breakage so it will be my core product for the challenge. If you already have your jbco you can get a small bottle of cco on the side. You are free to use whatever variety of products work best for your hair but ensure each of the product staples is represented. JBCO is a MUST and for the rest I stick with my trusty Tropic Isle products because you can never go wrong with anything with jbco. If you would like to stock up let me know.


                                    Challenge Regimen

• Put in your protective style weave or wig without causing strain to the hair by making it too tight

• Apply JBCO to the scalp 4x week and massage in product for about 5mins- if you have someone willing to do the scalp massage for you go for it! Very soothing. Focus on hairline and scalp. Do not be heavy handed with product.

• Moisturize and seal your hair using the L.O.C method 4xweek. It’s a lot easier when you are using a wig regimen as you have more access to your hair.

• Do the greenhouse method 2-3 times a week. Make-sure you give your hair a chance to dry in the morning before styling/putting on your wig. • Full wash day every 4 weeks i.e pre-poo, wash, protein treatment, deep conditioner. All processes done in sections. I will help you out and post a detailed wash day regimen prior to each wash day highlighting what you will need to do. 


                                              Challenge Tips

• Less is more!! This winter try to manipulate your hair as little as possible. By manipulation I mean combing pulling tying etc.. that’s why protective styles are part of the challenge. You don’t want unnecessary mechanical damage to our strands so keep your hair in for at least 4weeks.

• Allow your hair to get as much hydration as possible during the challenge WATER IS YOUR FRIEND. E.g when you shower/bath there is no need for a shower cap. Let your hair absorb all the steam from the water then seal it in by applying a bit of coconut oil

• Sleep with a head scarf!! Or change your pillow case


PS: Winners of the blog will be featured as tHs Hair Story Features, as well as anyone who would like to share their results.






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