Winter Challenge Check in/Feedback Friday

Hi ladies

I can’t believe one month has already gone by …oh how time flies. No complaints from me though, anyone who knows me can confirm how much I dislike the cold.

Now feedback time! How is the winter challenge going? Please let’s update each other, I hope by now we all have our protective styles in and are settled into the winter regimen… if not it’s never too late to start. The only down side is no prizes for you!! :-p lol

Here’s what I have been doing

I am using wigs as my protective style – why??? because my scalp was feeling very tender and I did not want to go through the pain of getting my hair straight enough for it to be braided. Also I had used excessive heat on my hair –blow dry and flat iron for a special occasion so I was avoiding heat at all costs

I have been oiling my scalp like crazy with JBCO and Coconut JBCO! I could go on and on about the benefits of coconut oil but that’s a whole blog in itself. Basically it absorbs well into the hair to improve moisture and it reduces breakage. Two of the challenge goals

I do the greenhouse method about 2-3 times per week. For some reason I don’t sleep as well when I have the shower cap on my head. It’s odd but I am yet to figure it out.

Moisturise and seal heavily 3 times per week. Confession I go heavy handed because at times I’m lazy and don’t want to do it 5 times per week. Or it covers up for when I forget. Lol

Quick scalp massages every time I oil my scalp so that I can work the product in. I wish I had someone to do it for me …

How my hair feels so far

MOIST (lol-inside joke) there is no doubt that my hair is heavily moisturized at the moment, but it’s not excessive. In a week or so I will be telling a different story and that’s why next week is WASHDAY!!!! So be prepared for a detailed washday update.

My ends feel very fragile. I am glad they are braided up but I still need to be very gentle when I moisturise and seal. I am way overdue for a trim! I have to stop myself from picking up scissors and trimming it myself. I’m concerned so I need to work on this.


Hair Chat

  • I will be spicing up my regimen with something new. The inversion method for a month starting 1 June 2014 !! Who will join me??!!?? I have never done it consistently so It’s time to give it a shot. Some hair friends have already committed to us doing it together so I’m excited!! nothing to lose and 1inch of hair growth to gain. (I will post details on the 1st)
  • I think I’m going natural again !! I’m on the fence and I feel myself tipping to the natural side… I’m nervous though… but the good thing is I have two more months of the challenge to decide… decisions!
  • I took out one of my braids and I had a full length shed hair that was almost 40cm!!!!!!! MBL here I come!! #motivated

Now it’s your turn ladies? How is the challenge going for you and how is your hair?? Do you challenge check in and post your comments with hash tag #winterchallengecheckin

Looking forward to hear about your progress





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